Image and style for the color-type "Winter"

Image and style for the color-type Winter

color-type winter So, you have defined your color-type . In this article we will help you to choose your image and style for women of winter color.

The main colors of the winter color are cold, saturated, bright, clear, radiant, icy, bold.

Your most important color is royal blue (a rich shade of blue-violet color). Additional accents are purple (red-violet), azure (bright blue), turquoise.

To determine the winter color-type, it is sufficient to attach the fabric of the shades listed above to the face. If you are winter, the person surrounded by saturated blue flowers will become more fresh, young. To determine the contrast, try to apply combinations of tissues. For example, the ice-blue fabric in combination with icy pink looks good on women of light winter color. If you are more to face contrasting combinations, for example pink with purple - you belong to the contrasting winter color.

Light winter

Eyes - steel blue, blue-gray, icy green, bright brown.

Hair - ash blond, dark or bright ash blond, gray.

Leather - porcelain.

The basic colors for your wardrobe: the dominant color in the ensemble is light, which needs to be diluted with basic bright colors, you can revitalize your costume with very bright nuances.

Bright winter

Eyes - brown, blue, blue-green, violet.

Hair - grayish-brown, chestnut, gray. Or shades from other colors.

Leather - beige, swarthy, olive.

The basic colors of your wardrobe: give preference to bright colors, you should combine them with light cold colors.

Contrasting winter

clothes for winter color-type Eyes - blue, violet, blue, dark-brown.

Hair - chestnut, plum, black.

Leather - porcelain, alabaster, white-beige.

The main colors in the wardrobe are: dark colors as the basis. Use a light tint to create a contrast. Brighter accents will help to revive the image.

Natural winter

Eyes - black, dark-brown, cherry-brown, dark-hazel.

Hair - black, brown, ash-brown. All shades are dark and saturated.

Skin - with a bluish podtonom, pinkish, earthy-olive.

The basic colors of your wardrobe: the dominant color in clothes is dark, lighten it with light shades and revitalize the image with a small bright nuance.

What colors are suitable for winter color:

White - dazzling white, chalk, white lime, white with a blue podtonom.

Gray - black-gray, steel, silver, icy, bluish-gray.

Black - blue-black, black-brown, purple-black.

Beige - gray-beige, light sand.

Brown - black-brown, stained oak (with a greenish tinge), bitter chocolate, pink-brown.

Yellow - metallic, lemon-yellow.

Red - bright red, pure red, purple, ruby, raspberry, burgundy.

Pink - red-violet, fuchsia, icy pink, bright pink.

Violet - black-violet, ink, violet-blue, violet-red, purple, lavender.

Blue - night blue, sea blue, azure, ice-blue, cobalt, indigo.

Green - coniferous greens, juicy green, azure green, turquoise green, emerald.

Recommended fabrics

In order to harmoniously convey the winter palette of shades, you must choose the appropriate tissue. For winter, fabrics are expressive, smooth, flowing, from shiny to sparkling, heavily textured, extravagant. Material: microfiber, satin, brocade, duchesse, moire, silk, satin, cotton fabrics, velvet, taffeta, lace, organza, fur. Both in thin, and in volumetric variants - wool, cashmere, shkladka, flannel, tweed, gabardine, flax, rep, pix, poplin, coarse calico. Leather things should radiate glossy, smooth, embossed, woven (contrasting).

Glasses. Eyeglass frames choose from silvery shiny metals. A white metal, horn frame will do. Good looking any bright accents in the frame. Sunglasses can be chosen with black glasses, without shadow transitions.

Drawings and forms

For a winter color scheme, any size of the pattern on the fabric is suitable. The nature of the picture should be expressive, extravagant, exotic, necessarily cold shades. Do not be afraid of contrasts, especially if you choose a fine drawing. The following figures suit you: a cage, an expressive strip, a zebra, a chicken foot, peas, any geometric shapes, an abstract drawing.

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