Image and style for the color-type "Summer"

Image and style for the summer

color-type summer So, you have defined your color-type . In this article we will help you to choose your image and style for women of summer color.

Summer is the most common colorotype in Russia. His representatives mostly have light brown hair with a touch of light blur. There is a feeling that the hair color has a light dusty plaque. Smoky colors characterize the summer color.

Summer palette of flowers - cool, matte, delicate. The dominant shade of the summer is the smoky blue.

How to determine the summer type?

To properly determine your color, you need to cleanse your face of make-up and apply a smoky blue color to it. Instead of fabric, you can take colored sheets of paper. Now look at the nasolabial folds, vessels and veins on the face, pay attention also to the "fatigue zone" - horizontal lines under the eyes in the cheek area. If you notice that the face has become fresher, its color has improved, and wrinkles and wrinkles have become less noticeable, so you can refer yourself to the summer color.

"Summer" is a cold color. For full confidence, you can attach a blue cloth (winter color), orange ("spring" or "autumn") to your face. The blue color is suitable for women with a cold color, orange for warm ones.

The summer colorotype is conditionally divided into several colors. There are girls with bright, bright, contrasting and natural summer color. For each color are suitable, respectively, different shades.

Bright summer

summer clothes If you have fair skin, eyes and hair, you belong to a light color.

Eyes - blue, cold gray, green-blue.

Hair - light blond, ash blond, with a grayish podtonom.

Leather - light pink-beige, porcelain, pink - pink, freckles - light gray-brown.

Your basic colors: the dominant color in the wardrobe is light, which needs to be diluted with basic bright colors (contrasting), you can complement the suit with rich, bright nuances.

Bright Summer

summer clothes Bright color refers to women who have skin color and eyes of rich shades, while the hair can be any color.

Eyes - bright blue, nutty.

Hair - light blond, ash blond, ash gray, gray.

Skin - pink, ivory, light olive.

Your basic colors: in the wardrobe must dominate the bright shades, they need to be combined with light.

Contrast summer

Contrasting color brings in itself both light, and dark shades: a skin usually light, hair dark, and eyes bright.

Eyes - blue, green.

Hair - brown, ash-chestnut.

The skin is ivory.

Your base colors: the basis of the wardrobe should be dark shades. Create contrast using light colors, and bright nuances will add lively and dynamic images.

Natural summer

summer clothes In the natural color of summer, all the shades are subdued, of medium contrast.

Eyes - gray-blue, blurred green, nutty.

Hair - smoky-brown, medium-brown.

Skin - pink, pinkish-beige, light olive.

Your basic colors: the dominant color of the wardrobe is dark, it's a little bit to dilute it with light colors, to supplement with a small accent of saturated tones.

Which shades are suitable for the color-type "summer"

White - milky, with a beige or gray hue, unbleached wool.

Gray - silvery, gray-blue, ashy, smoky, graphite.

Brown - smoky brown, rosewood, coffee with milk, milk chocolate.

Yellow - moon-yellow, lemon, young corn, straw.

Red - transparent-scarlet, red with a blue tint, crimson, wine-red, cherry.

Pink - ash pink, dusty pink, cowberry, purple, fuchsia.

Violet - lilac, violet, tender-lilac, blurry lavender, pale lilac, lilac with gray.

Blue - smoky blue, gray-blue, denim, turquoise.

Green - smoky-gray-green, mint-green, green apple, blue spruce, emerald.

Recommended fabrics

The type of fabric can affect the "sounding" of the color. Any shade may seem calmer on thin, soft tissues, and vice versa - will be sharp on thick or shiny tissues. On women of summer color type, thin, soft, flowing tissues look more natural - from silky-matte to slightly shiny. Choose materials of medium texture (not too smooth, but not too voluminous), as well as heterogeneous fabrics. Suitable for you is silk, satin, silky cambric, silk velvet, Chinese crepe, moire, chiffon, veil, jersey. It will look good thin wool, cashmere, flannel, flax, poplin, tweed.

For accessories, the ideal option is leather or suede. The structure of the skin should be smooth, thin, soft, silky. Try to avoid varnish skin, its presence is allowed only in the form of inserts.

"Summer" femininity will emphasize glasses of silvery shades with matte metal. Glasses with a light smoky effect, or with a smooth dimming to the top of the glasses, are very suitable for you.

Drawings and patterns

Figures and patterns on the fabric also play an important role in creating a harmonious appearance. In the female image patterns can be on clothes, shoes, bags and ornaments. For summer color, a fine, thin and medium-sized figure is suitable. The structure of the drawing must be cold, classical, discreet, romantic. Very stylish look patterns, selected from a single color scheme (blue, light gray-blue and smoky blue). It will be nice to look at you a small cage, a thin or needle-shaped strip, a herringbone, a small flower.

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