manner - 2016-2017. Clothes, shoes, accessories

New Year's dresses - 2017: what to celebrate the year of the Firecracker?

Many people believe that you will meet New Year, and you will spend it. In the year of the Fire Cock you should prepare a dress for the celebration in advance in order to please his fervent disposition ...

manner headwear winter - 2017

Knitted hats remain the popular headgear - this is the most practical, warm and beautiful option. On the catwalks, models show caps in the form of berets, helmets, hats and helmets.

manner handbags autumn - winter 2017-2018

manner handbags 2020 have their own characteristics compared to the manner of last year. Bright, audacious style is again appropriate this fall ...

mannerable boots autumn-winter 2017-2018

The main qualities of autumn shoes are reliability, practicality and comfort. In cold weather, the boots should not only warm the leg, but also become a harmonious addition to your mannerable image of the winter of 2020 ...

mannerable fur coats - winter 2017

The most mannerable and stylish shades of winter coat - 2017 - pastel. Classic colors and models of fur coats are returning to manner - natural sable, chinchilla, mink.

Trendy Autumn-Winter Dresses 2015

mannerable autumn dresses of this year are bright dense tunics with a high neck. At the peak of relevance - knitted dresses with lace ornaments, in which you feel comfortable and warm ...

mannerable autumn-winter skirts - 2015

The choice of winter skirts 2015, which offer designers, is wide enough. The general tendency of recent years is traced: manner does not dictate how to dress, but helps from the whole variety to choose exactly what to face a particular lady ....

mannerable shoes 2015

manner 2015 pleases with its diversity and real beauty. Rainy weather brighten shades of red, orange, green. Simple, elegant models of ankle boots with a platform and mannerable lacing will decorate your legs this season ...

mannerable swimwear - 2015. Beach manner

Beach manner 2015 has prepared new surprises for its followers. Variety of styles, shapes and shades of swimsuit models 2015 allows you to find your individual style to ladies of any age and social status.

mannerable shoes 2015

Female legs are always given special attention by men. Therefore, in order to feel confident and irresistible, a woman should ensure that shoes are perfect.

manner sunglasses - 2015

manner for sunglasses every year is acquiring new trends. Today in manner, brightness, eccentricity, but at the same time restraint. manner sunglasses 2015 - a contrast of shiny inserts on a matte basis, shine metal, the original frame.

nose piercing

Piercing. manner Trends

A couple of dozen years ago in our country did not even think that except for the ears it makes sense to pierce yourself something else. But the more technical progress develops, the more modern methods of piercing approach the wild tribes. In the crowd, punctured noses, lips, tongues, navels are increasingly encountered ... But it's still, as they say, flowers. But what do you think about the end-to-end tunnels in the ears, the punctured genitals, the nipples, or the holes in the skull, into which the rings (brain-piercing) are pierced?

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