Make-up for the color-type "Summer"

makeup for summer color

Make-up for the color-type "Summer"

In order to master the art of make-up, you need to spend a lot of effort, time and money. But in order to learn how to competently combine suitable to your face shades, you only need to know your color pattern and simple rules for combining tones. In this article, we will select the shades for make-up of women with the color-type "Summer" .

Colored bases for make-up

You will be suitable: for the radiance of the skin use white tones, in order to revitalize the complexion apply a base of cold pink hues on the convex parts of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin).

Do not use: violet and blue shades, which will enhance the natural pallor.

Tonal and masking means

You will be approached: choose means of only cold shades which are combined with bluish podtonom your skin; with tanned skin tonal remedies should be with a slight gray tint.

Do not use: bright pink shades, remember that contrasting colors look unnatural on your skin; beige shades of warm-brown palette. It is not recommended to use autosunburns, as they always paint the skin in warm yellowish-orange hues.


You can use: transparent, colorless powder; for a smart evening make-up use a powder with a silvery flicker.

Do not use: do not apply a thick beige powder; do not fit bronzing means with a golden sheen.


Your colors: with the help of beige-gray shades emphasize the hollow of the cheekbones; to create chubby ruddy cheeks, use gentle cold pink and pink-lilac tones.

You do not go: brick, terracotta, red-coral and similar warm shades.


Your colors: a brilliant, expressive look for the summer color will help to give a gentle cold pastel shades; gray, silver, silver-beige, white-blue, blue, pink, lilac, gray-violet, smoky blue, brown-gray, lime, gray-green are suitable.

Do not use: extravagant poisonous and neon shades; copper, red-violet, marsh-green.

Pencils for eyes

You can use colors: black-gray, gray-brown, gray, blue, purple, lilac; White and silver for eyeliner.

Do not fit: red-brown shades.


Suitable colors: black, gray, purple.

Avoid: bright extravagant shades of turquoise, bright blue, emerald green.

Eyebrow pencil

You are suitable: soft, cool shades - ash-beige and brown.

Do not use: brown shades with a reddish tint and black.

lipstick for color-type summer


Your colors: the summer color scheme can be used all pink scale, ranging from the air shades of a faded rose to the brightest pink tones; from light beige-lilac to dark eggplant; a shade of red wine, Burgundy, purple, the color of a watermelon flesh.

Do not fit: warm shades of brown scales, scarlet red, orange.


Many representatives of the summer color type consider themselves "gray mice" because of the natural softness of the colors and tend to make themselves a vivid image with the help of a callous make-up and extravagant hair color.

However, stylists advise you instead to emphasize the dignity of your appearance: the tenderness of the skin will emphasize the radiant pink blush, if you apply a silvery highlighter on the cheekbones, create the effect of a glowing inside face.

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