How to choose a shade of powder

How to choose a shade of powder

Every woman wants to look good and various cosmetics in many ways help us out in this matter. Cosmetics help to emphasize the dignity and correct the shortcomings of appearance. A special place in the list of cosmetics is powder.

Powder can help to achieve the effect of even matte skin, hide small defects and eliminate the treacherous fatty shine. However, a wide range of different types and shades of powder often hinders making the right choice. After all, for different cases and skin tones, you need to choose your color and the kind of this cosmetic.

Bronzing powder: the effect of a tanned face

If you want to achieve the effect of a tanned face, the best option is to use a bronzing powder. With the help of this powder, you can also emphasize the already existing tan and at the same time hide the small defects, remove excess fat from the skin of the face. However with such powder it is necessary to be more cautious to girls with a light skin. Also, do not choose a too dark shade of powder to avoid the effect of the mask. Apply bronzed powder should not sponge, but a puff or a special wide brush. Surplus powder is shaken off with brushes, so that bright bronze spots do not remain, and then they are well shaded with a brush with wide mahas. In this case, the neck and décolleté zone should also be applied a little bronzing powder, so that there is no sharp contrast.

Transparent Powder

Many cosmetic manufacturers have transparent powders. This powder will not hide the small flaws, if they are, but it is very suitable to eliminate fatty shine and make make-up complete. You can apply it in any way, as it is practically invisible on the face.

Pearl powder

Sometimes on the shelves of cosmetic shops you can see pearl powder, which is a crushed natural pearl. This very useful cosmetic means can strengthen the protective forces of your skin, saturate it with useful substances and protect it from adverse environmental factors. Also, the products with pearl powder will give your face a unique radiance.

In its pure form, pearl powder is used in the form of masks and facial scrubs, add to water during bathing and even clean and whiten teeth. This application of pearl powder will make your skin moisturized, smooth and healthy.

Shimmering Powder

The finding for many women is a flickering powder that contains reflective silver or gold particles. This powder will give your face a natural radiance and freshness. However, you need to correctly apply it. It is applied to whiskey, cheekbones, decollete, lips. But for the forehead, nose and chin such powder should not be applied, otherwise it will create the effect of a fat face. With the help of shimmering powder, you can even slightly adjust the shape of the face and hide the dark circles under the eyes. Apply this powder with a special brush made of natural hair with patting movements and must be well shaded. Such powder can be applied both without a make-up base, and on a base cream.

As you can see, each kind of powder is designed for different occasions and, when doing makeup, you must take this into account, so as not to look vulgar and unnatural.

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