How to properly paint with eyeliner

How to properly paint with eyeliner

The question of how to properly paint the eyes of eyeliner is given to every girl who dreams about an expressive and attractive look. And the answer to this eternal question depends on the type of podvodki, it can be: liquid eyeliner, pencil or eyeliner-pen.

The pencil lead is the girl's favorite, and, at the same time, the most convenient tool for creating makeup. To properly make up their eyes, you do not need to have the skills of a professional make-up artist. Close the eye, and slightly pull the upper eyelid to the temple, so the drawn line will be as flat as possible, and to extend this effect on the eyelid, you can apply a little mineral powder. Small strokes move from the inner to the outer edge of the eyelid, and try to do this with maximum closeness to the eyelashes.

How to paint with eyeliner

Applying the same liquid liner will require a certain amount of skill and, of course, patience. Liquid eyeliner creates an almost perfect, it is possible to say, calligraphic line, which makes makeup perfect. What is needed to correctly apply the podviku?

1. First, find a stable position of the elbow, so that the hand does not accidentally flinch.

2. Take a brush, and make sure that there are very few tools on it, and very carefully draw thin strokes, which then connect. The first line, try to make thin-thin, barely noticeable. Then the next line will not be too greasy.

The main rule of using the liner: the line in the outer corner should expand.

Padding-a felt-tip pen or felt -tip pencil combines the qualities of a pencil, as well as a liquid liner: clarity of lines, and ease of application. The technique of applying such a piping is extremely simple: mark a thin and straight line with a simple pencil, and then draw on it with a felt-tip pen. Padding-a felt-tip pen is indispensable in case you need to quickly and accurately apply makeup.

Despite the fact that the black color of the liner is considered to be classic and goes without exception, today a wide range of color guides is on the market. Color eyeliner should be chosen according to the color of the eyes. So the owner of dark brown eyes is recommended to use green, orange, yellow, turquoise colors of the eyeliner. Light-brown eyes are perfectly suited for olive and dark green hues, as well as copper-colored and aged gold. Gray eyes sparkle with silvery, copper-brown, blue flowering flowers. Blue-eyed girls will approach, brown, golden, ink colors. And girls with green eyes should choose podvodki purple, dark brown, dark gray range.

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