Lip gloss: how to choose and apply

Lip gloss: how to choose and apply

It can be safely said that the lip gloss is a universal hygienic means for lip care, which is a popular decorative cosmetics and, moreover, a worthy competitor and ally of the ultra-mannerable lipstick. Shine, as well as lipstick, is designed to tint the female lips in the desired color and shade. But, unlike lipstick, it has a more tender viscous texture and a low color saturation.

The very name "shine" predetermines the purpose of this cosmetic means - to emphasize, shine and shine, to give a tone and to be unobtrusive. It is these properties that make modern lip gloss such a mega popular and beloved by all age categories of women, from little girls to mature women, by no means Balzac's age.

How to choose a lip gloss

When choosing lip gloss, you need to be well aware of the purposes for which it is needed. After all, often, the criterion for choice is the bright packaging or the name of the promoted brand. Lip gloss does not have to be expensive, it should be just high-quality, hypoallergenic and easily combined with the already existing cosmetic lipsticks. Glitter is suitable for self-use, and to cover it with a lipstick layer of a dense matte texture.

The most universal is a transparent shine, it can be combined with all shades of lipsticks. For pink lipstick, a transparent shine with a shade of beige is suitable. On red lipstick you can apply a translucent shine with a red tinge. Lipstick "orange" will shine from the pearly brilliance. A brown emphasizes, as best as possible, a gentle pink color.

How to apply lip gloss

Apply gloss best after using lip balm. If the shine is used alone (without lipstick), then it is not necessary to powder the lips or apply a foundation. To emphasize the thin, inexpressive lips will help three-layer staining: first, a layer of lipstick is applied on the lips, the surpluses of which are removed with a napkin. Then, having powdered, put the second layer of lipstick, finish with drawing of shine. From this, the lips will acquire a sensually mysterious appearance, associated with the romanticism and tenderness of the female nature. For older women, it is advisable to draw a line of the lips with a contour pencil before applying a favorite luster, this will make the lips clear, tightened and will not give a shine to "swim".

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Young girls do not need a pencil at all, youth is characterized by naturalness, which is only slightly emphasized. In order not to "overload", and without that puffy lips, you should apply a shine to the middle line of the lip and then slightly shade the layer of gloss.

Modern lip gloss is different in composition and purpose, being a complex multi-component composition. However, it is based on vegetable oils, vitamins, coenzymes that prevent aging of the skin of the lips and promote the healing of small cracks. The composition of more solid samples includes beeswax, making the shine resistant to the effects. This shine is an excellent foundation for lipstick.

Modern lip gloss, being a universal remedy, is indispensable for everyday use as a hygienic means. A properly selected - it is beneficial to emphasize the female individuality.

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