Which eyebrow color suits you?

eyebrow color The natural color of the eyebrows tends to perfectly match your hair and skin color. However, if you decide to radically change the color of your hair, for example, it is very lightening, then the color of your eyebrows also needs correction.

Eyebrows can be shaded with a pencil, shadows, special chemical paint. For a more lasting result, you can make tattoo.

So, in order to choose the ideal color of eyebrows, one should listen to the advice of stylists.

Eyebrow color for blondes

Blondes are not recommended to make themselves saturated dark eyebrows. You will be approached by light, gentle shades of cold or warm undertones, depending on your skin color and hair.

Warm blond: golden, caramel, beige

If you have golden hair, fair skin and green or blue eyes, avoid saturated black eyebrows. These girls prefer to choose a paint for eyebrows of light brown color.

Variants of shades of eyebrows: wheaten, champagne, beige, hazelnut, light brown.

Cold blond: ashy, pearly, smoky

If your hair is ashy or smoky, you are likely to use cold gray and ash-brown hues of carcass or pencil.

Variations of eyebrow shades: platinum, light brown, mink, light gray, silver, ash-brown

If you have gray hair, and do not want to paint over it, the best shades for your eyebrows will be brown and gray.

Color of eyebrows for brunettes

Light-skinned brunette stylists are advised to use a pencil for eyebrows in a dark gray or dark brown hue.

Only burning brunettes with a dark complexion are ideal for saturated black eyebrows, blue-black and violet-black.

Variants of eyebrow shades: coal, graphite, dark gray, blue-black, purple-black, black tulip, dark chocolate, dark brown, dark gray.

Red hair color: your eyebrow color

Red haired women of manner, as well as girls with a warm reddish hue of hair (golden, caramel, honey) should tint eyebrows brown or chocolate color. Fire-red hair color allows you to color your eyebrows in a terracotta or golden brown tint.

Variations of eyebrow shades: amber, caramel, copper, cocoa, khaki, hazelnut, milk chocolate, cappuccino, coffee.


If you are brown-haired, use dark brown or dark gray eyebrow dye. Brown color is more suitable for girls with a warm color appearance (brown hair, golden skin).

Variants of shades of brows: coffee, cappuccino, brown, chocolate, truffle.

Decorative Cosmetics for Eyebrows

There are many types of decorative cosmetics designed for dyeing eyebrows.

Pencil. Its advantages are a huge selection of shades, an instant result. However, if you have thin, rare eyebrows, a line of eyebrows drawn by a pencil will look unnatural.

Ink for eyebrows. Mascara for eyebrows are only available in a few shades, so choosing the right color for you will be difficult.

Shadows. There is always a huge selection of shades. However, the decorative possibilities of shadows in the design of eyebrows are limited. For example, a clear line can not be drawn. You can only slightly adjust the shape of the eyebrows and change their shade.

When buying eyebrow paint, remember that the chosen shade should not differ from the natural color of your eyebrows by more than 2-3 tones, otherwise your face expression will resemble a mask.

To eyebrows always looked well-groomed, and the color remained even, you need to regularly pull out the grown hairs.

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