Ashy hair color

Light ashy hair color differs from other light colors by tenderness, refinement and nobility. This color always remains at the peak of manner, as it carries the classic notes of aristocracy. If you want to feel like a snow queen, to intrigue your inaccessibility, elegance, elegance - the color of hair ashy blonde is ideal for you.

Would you like an ashy shade?

It should be remembered that in terms of creating an image ashy hair color for some girls can be a highlight, and for others to play a cruel joke, make the face unattractive, and the look - extinct. Listen to our next recommendations.

Ash blond

Who will approach the shade of the ashen blond: fair-haired girls with a cold color appearance (light skin with an icy, bluish tint, hair - light or light brown with a smoky, grayish or ashy shade, gray or blue eyes).

From ashy hair color should be discarded if:

- Your natural hair color is warm shades - chestnut, red, golden.

- you have swarthy skin

- your eyes are bright, saturated shades - black, brown, blue.

How to get ashy hair color?

It's very difficult to achieve a beautiful ashen color. You may need to dye your hair in several steps. mannerable option without harm to the hair is melirovanie ashy strands . Dark hair must be pre-clarified. It is best to entrust the matter to professionals, so as not to spoil your hair.

When staining red, blond and dark hair in ashy, very often there is a yellow or green hue on the hair, which is difficult to get rid of. Removing the yellow shade will help you shade tonic shampoos or balms with an ashy, purple or silver hue. To get rid of a green shade it is possible by means of national means, or also by means of toning.

Ash-blond hair color

Dark-blond beauties can offer to dye your hair in a dark ash color. Remember that dry, lifeless hair of ashen color looks like gray and adds age to its owner. To avoid this, often pamper your hair with nutritious masks and medical balms .

How to keep an ashen shade of hair

That the received ashy shade more pleased your eye with its freshness and nobility, it is desirable to regularly use special shampoos and balms for colored hair.

Another way to permanently retain the brightness of the color is to make the lamination on the dyed hair. Color will not fade within 3 months, and possibly up to six months.

Image of the "Snow Queen"

Ashy hair will successfully emphasize your personality only if you choose the right palette of your makeup and clothes, that is, make your image harmonious.

Your makeup should be aged in light, cold shades.

Color of lipstick - pink, lilac. Saturated, heavy colors in makeup can make you old, bright colors of lipstick will look vulgar.

Shadows are soft blue, mint green, light purple, pink.

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