Light brown hair color: manner shades

To set off acidity and mawkishness - modern mannerable gurus recognize only naturalness. And what is best for a Russian girl or woman? Naturally, all shades of light brown hair. Do you think that they are monotonous? But this until you see the whole palette. It will revive the bow and even change your appearance.

Natural light brown color

Natural blond hair color at all times was considered a sign of naturalness and natural charm. It has soft and soft colors and is inherent, as a rule, to women of Slavic type of appearance - the owners of light skin and blue or gray eyes.

We can say that the fair-haired beauties are lucky, because only this color of curls fully reflects the natural feature of the Russian female image. Moreover, the naturalness has firmly become mannerable and the wrong opinion that fair-haired hair looks unattractive and contributes to the transformation into such a "gray" mouse, has long sunk into oblivion. Many ladies who gave their hair a bright and evocative color returned the natural blond hair color and even blondes and brunettes are repainted in it.

Cold shades of light brown color

This family includes all colors in which there are no golden or honey notes. The topmost shades can be called almost-brown, ashy (but without accentuated gloss), and of course, dark-blond.

Ash-blond hair tint

Ash-blond color is comparable with the chameleon: if the hair falls on the bright sun, they darken. However, indoors, under electric lamps, they still open their true face and return to "50 shades of gray". That's why this palette will not be liked by every woman. It is important to remember: if it is incorrect to apply such a paint, and then do not care about maintaining the chosen hair color, they can rust.

Light blond cool color

Ash color can be of different tones, from dark to light - in each will be "play" the gray notes. Do not think that light ash-blond is a platinum blond. In the latter there is a lot of brilliance and silver, and a fair-haired "colleague" of this color looks more opaque. Well, a woman with dark ashy hair on the contrary, it's almost a brunette.

Pearly light brown hue

If you have gray or blue eyes and a spring or summer color, try pearl light blond! Playing with various motions, he looks very natural, giving his possessor an image of a million.

Medium-blond hair color

Medium-blond can be called the most traditional. This is something between a brunette and a blonde. By the way, this coloring (as a rule, using the technology of bronzing) is in demand not only among us, but among the actresses of the Dream Factory.

Dark blond

If you look at the dark-brown, it turns out that this color is very interesting. For example, the fact that each strand can have a whole range of shades, both warm and cold. It is important to remember that such a color is like a diamond: it requires a good frame in the form of carefully selected makeup. Especially it is loved by ladies of Balzac's age, because such a shade of hair makes wrinkles and other signs of their vital wisdom almost invisible. By the way, sunlight magically transforms such hair: they begin to play gray and red at the same time.

Light brown light brown tinge

A complex ashy shade of light brown light brown is an excellent choice for "cold" women. The most noticeable in this palette is considered dark brown or "cold chocolate".

Warm shades of light brown

As you might guess, these are light-brown colors in which red and / or gold smears run through. If you are a spring or autumn appearance, take a closer look at them!


Golden-brown can be so different! In such hair shades of amber, caramel, nut, bronze are lost simultaneously - they all make the curls shine. Such hair will not be afraid of meeting with any color of skin or eyes. This shade is bright, so it will suit a girl who is not afraid of constant attention on the streets. If your hair was dark-brown before, a golden tone will revive them - and it will give lightness to the bright curls. The easiest way to go to a golden-blond ashy or platinum blonde - she will not even need paint, there will be enough bottles of balsam-tonic.

Copper-fairy hair color

Copper-fairy - the choice of a contradictory personality. It looks natural, although such a color in nature can be met very rarely (as they say, on one girl out of a million). Warm fox ryzhinka plus the cold of a light overflow - that's what this color is. He definitely wants to "try on" the owner of green or blue eyes, as well as light skin.

Light chestnut

The chestnut-brown looks extremely feminine, and can decorate a woman of any appearance. But do not forget: he attracts a lot of attention to the face, so if you do not like something in yourself, choose a different, more neutral color.

Wheat-light brown hair color

Wheat-blond - "ice and flame in one bottle". This is an accentuated-gold tone, diluted with appreciable silver, which is characterized by all fair-haired colors.

Caramel Light Brown

Light brown caramel is a shade that fits well only on initially light brown hair. It makes them softer and warmer, but hardly noticeable. An excellent solution for your first experiment with a hairdo!


Honey-brown tone - the choice of seroglazok or girls with blue eyes. It looks great on the light skin, shimmering with all ... no, not with the colors of the rainbow, but with the faces of a warm blond palette, from dark to light shades. Useful trifle: it makes the head of hair more luxurious and thick.

Beige light brown

And finally, light beige is the most popular shade of the Russky family. Of course, it will suit everyone. He looks like the above-mentioned ash-blond, but it looks warmer (all thanks to the game of gold in his hair, not only in the sun, but under the lamp). This color is best compared to sand.

How to dye your hair in a light brown color

When dyeing hair in a light brown color, you should choose shades based on the color of your skin and eyes. So the owners of light skin perfectly fit light brown colors, and for darker skin - honey and golden. To give firmness to the color and moisturizing, use a special tint shampoo for colored blond hair. But remember that no paint will replace that natural aura that emits natural hair.

Lightening of light brown hair

To lighten the light-brown hair, it is optimal to apply the melioration with two different shades, one of which is light, the other darker (for example, light brown and chestnut). Melting is able to give the brown hair color extra volume and expressiveness. At the same time, melted hair needs careful care, otherwise it will lose its shine and become unattractive.

Choose a hair style for blond hair, proceeding from the fact that they, as a rule, have a fine structure. Therefore, it is undesirable to resort to the laying of curls daily, giving preference to their natural natural location. It will be appropriate to direct high coiffures, with a long hair - an oval bun at the back of the head. An additional volume of hair can be given, making a haircut cascade , which also looks great.

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