Caramel hair color

Caramel hair color does not go out of manner for several years. This is a very beautiful, sunny shade, it looks gentle, feminine and bright. When dyeing hair in caramel, your image will radiate warm sunlight, cheerfulness, optimism.

Caramel hair color is essentially a mixture of golden blond and red. Shades of caramel can vary from light (caramel-golden to dark) (caramel-chestnut).

Shades of caramel color: a palette

Caramel Blonde

Golden caramel

Light caramel

Dark caramel

Caramel Brown

Caramel chocolate

Who caramel color is suitable for?

Caramel shades will suit girls with a warm color-like appearance - "spring" and "autumn".

Caramel hair color will perfectly emphasize your personality, if your skin is golden, olive-tinted or swarthy, your hair is golden blond or with redhead, your eyes are brown, green, nutty.

Caramel-light brown (with a cold podton)

If you have a cold, Scandinavian appearance, from warm caramel shades you should refuse, they will look unnatural. Your best option - caramel-light brown. This is a neutral shade, it will suit girls with both summer and spring color.

How to get caramel hair color?

The simplest color of caramel hair is to get natural blondes. You can use bezammiachnaya paint or shade balm . 2-3 weeks after coloring, the color will need to be refreshed.

Dark-haired girls achieve the desired caramel color at home is very difficult, you need to pre-lighten your hair. In order not to spoil your hair, it's best to turn to a professional.

Along with a huge number of pluses caramel hair color has one significant drawback - it is very quickly washed away. In order to permanently maintain the brightness of the color, your hair needs additional care - shampoos and balms for colored hair, toning.

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