Tsvetotip "spring": soft, bright, light

Spring girls are very gentle. They have a slightly pink, light ivory skin, or gently golden, like a tasty peach. Many of them easily blush with pink blush, and if the first sun paints their faces with freckles, then not gray, but brown. Freshness, a sunny day, fragility - that's what such real beauty is associated with.

As for the hair, they are light (the whole range from golden honey to burnt grass). Sometimes hair curls into curls, or form a gentle "halo" around the face.

Eyes are rarely brown (and even then - always with golden notes). Most often they are gray-green (up to turquoise), blue or gray.

Since spring is a warm color, spring ladies do not have sharp contrasts in appearance.

Spring real beauty can be divided into four different colors.

Tsvetotyp spring: four colors

Warm Spring

Warm. Spring in its pure form. All the appearance of these girls is warm: straw, golden, light brown or reddish strands; porcelain, golden-beige or ivory leather; gray, blue, less often brown eyes. Warm, sunny, clear, very noticeable real beauty.

Light spring

Light coloured. This is Miss May, spring, which has already become half in the summer. Refilling the wardrobe, such girls can buy clothes with shoes in both spring and summer color, but only light colors. All the appearance of such ladies is light: eyes are gently blue or green, like river water; hair white, light-brown (slightly touched by gold) or pure-brown; skin is tender-peach or ivory, gilded with freckles. Light, warm, open, natural, radiant, light real beauty.

Bright Spring

Bright (pure). It's the other way round - Miss Mart, the spring that has not yet forgotten about the winter cold. The influence of winter gives such women a little contrast (catchy hair, expressive pupils, radiant skin). But this is not a bright winter: pure spring will always be distinguished by warmth, and also by the large presence of light in appearance. The most natural example of such a spring real beauty: touched with yellowish blond hair (less often - gold or gold); sky-blue or with a green admixture, bright green or "kerosene" eyes; Peach, beige or "under the ivory" skin. Are you going to update your wardrobe? Try on a dress of pure and bright color. But too pale, or vice versa, the dark one is not your hobby: such shades will "extinguish" the brightness given to you by nature.

Contrast Spring

Contrasting. Contrast spring has a clear contrast of colors (bright hair, expressive eyes and light skin).

Hair color for spring color

Have you decided to repaint your hair? Your option - warm tones: for example, golden, amber, light nut or sunny-red (for all the hair, and for rare lighted strands). Do not make hair cuts "for a boy" - you'd better go to medium hair and feminine forms.

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