Color of hair for color-type "autumn": a palette of shades

You can not walk past an autumn girl and do not look back. Maybe it is not as tender as spring, and not as contrasting as the classical winter real beauty - but lady-autumn is a continuous cheerfulness and brilliance.

Color of hair for color-type "Autumn"

It is not difficult to guess that the color of the hair for the color-type autumn can be anything - at least dark chocolate, but at least gently golden. The main thing is the presence of warm, yellowish notes. The palette of colors in this case sounds very "delicious": hazelnut, cinnamon, cognac, honey, caramel ... In addition, you will go gold and copper, as well as fox and red shimmery. But the blue pigment (plum, ash, lilac tones) - not your horse.

Warm shades of brown

Cognac, caramel, amber and other warm tones of the brown palette is an excellent solution for a dark-complexioned woman with green or deep brown eyes. Such paint will fill your head with sunlight, making you a little sun even in the most evil weather in the yard.


Overflows of red tone in the hair are loved by ladies of all ages. Especially good with brown-red curls will be a pale possessor of brown or green eyes.


Chestnut - a mannerable bow, which, probably, will not go out of manner ever. Such tones have the richest palette, and all look very naturally. Are you dusky? "Try on" a golden and honey chestnut. Your skin on the contrary, light? You will go mahogany (with warm notes).

Dark caramel

Caramel is tender, and at the same time deep color. Red and brown "sparkles" in your hair in a moment will turn you into an animated treat.

Copper shades

Copper or honey - cozy, cute tones that will look at you very naturally. Do not refuse this image if you have bright green eyes, as well as tanned skin.

Cognac shade

And in general, autumn girls with dark skin can "wear" and chocolate, and hair color of dark cognac. And, in addition, they will go terracotta, reddish-copper, sparkling gold, and mysteriously-cherry color.

Fiery red

And, of course, how not to remember the fiery! Red, orange, orange - that's what they call this shade of his fan. This color will refresh the complexion for the color-type autumn.

Auburn shades

A dark-red palette is the choice of ladies with any shade of skin. The main thing is that nature reward you with amber, blue or green eyes.

Red-red hair color for the color-type "autumn"

The dark shade of red-red is an extremely elegant and very catchy color. He is often remembered by swarthy ladies with karim or green eyes. Visiting card of this color can be called fire flashes in the hair.


Red chocolate is a good solution for a brunette who decided to make herself an image of "a million dollars." Such a color will not only profitablely change hair, but will also become the frame that the "diamond" of your skin requires.


Red chestnut is a color chameleon. In a dark room you will be difficult to distinguish from a brunette - but under the sun every gilded thread in your curls will shine at full strength, turning your hair into a river of live amber.

Red and chocolate

Red chocolate is another interesting hair color for the "autumn" color type, which begins to live its own life in a sunny street. Particularly delicious, he looks at a sunburnt girl with a freckled face and amber or green eyes.

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