mannerable bangs - 2017

If in the upcoming manner season of 2017 you are going to change your hair, then it is not necessary to take drastic measures. The best option is to trim the bangs. In 2017, the bangs again become an important element of the coiffure.

Long careless bangs - 2017 in the style of Boho

Undoubted trend of this season - a thick and long bangs, trimmed with locks. Such a bang will be appropriate to wear with long smooth hair, with coiffures in the style of bohemian chic.

A combination of smooth bangs with curls or unobtrusive disorder on the head is allowed.

Long cascade bangs

Long bangs, cascaded and crocheted on one side - one of the most mannerable trends - in 2017. If desired, you can slightly curl the ends, get a fussy image, and if the bang gets tired - pin it with a mannerable barrette.

With elongation at the sides

The bang with elongation on the sides is more often found on the runways and red carpet. This bangs looks very feminine and romantic, smooths out the skin imperfections and is suitable for almost everyone.

mannerable ragged bangs - 2017

In the trend - carelessly torn bangs . You can create such a bang with hot scissors and filing. The most appropriate such bangs will look with smooth hair.

Strip laid in waves

A bang covered with waves is a new trend of the 2017 season, which can be observed in all manner shows. Such a retro style will emphasize your personality at manner parties.

In the style of casual

A similar image in casual style will be appropriate both in everyday manner and at a stylish party. The convenience of the coiffure is that the laying will not be spoiled even by bad weather and active rest at the disco.

mannerable short bangs - 2017

In manner is also a short bang with uneven edges, trimmed under the fringe. Such bangs will most likely look on dense hair of black or chestnut color. Blonde haired women should pay attention to the bangs, the length of the eyebrows.

Careless tousled fringe: photos from manner shows

Light negligence is the trend of the mannerable season - 2017. To step in step with the manner, make a bang with a light filing and a little wiggle. On the podiums prevail bangs shortened with torn or milled tips.

Lightweight graduated bangs

Light graded bangs - this is a classic of manner. The thinned form of the bang smooths out facial features, imparts femininity and tenderness to the image.

Color accents on the bangs

By highlighting bangs in bright colors, you can brush up your hair, make your image mannerable and original.

manner asymmetry - 2017

The asymmetrical bangs are still relevant. Such a bang will look great with an ultrashort hair style with curls or with the effect of slight carelessness on the head. This bang is also appropriate to wear and with long hair or medium hair.

A long fringe of manneristas like to cut the cascade and lay on their side, so you can soften the rough features, make your image more expressive and stylish.

mannerable round bangs-bow - 2017

Very beautiful and stylish looks round bangs of an arc-shaped shape, allowing its owner to show the grace of her eyebrows. An arched bangs must be worn with thick and straight hair.

manner bangs - 2017: styling

In 2017, it will be relevant not just mannerably and professionally trimmed bangs, but also the way it is laid . Present your new bangs in a variety of forms, using all sorts of hairpins, applicators for hair. In addition, you can use all kinds of hair styling products: varnishes, mousses, gels, waxes, sequins, creams and the like.

At any variants of a coiffure of a bang it is supposed bold, and even aggressive начес . It is also possible to nasche separate part of the bangs. A stylish solution will be the bunches and styling it upwards with subsequent fastening with hairpins.

Straight and long bangs are recommended to straighten with styling iron to achieve perfect smoothness. A thick and long bang can be slightly twisted.

Types and forms of bangs. How to choose a bang to face

Modern forms of bangs allow you to choose from a huge variety of models the right option for your face. manner bangs have complex geometry, differ creative forms and colors.

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