Tulip skirt: who will fit and what to wear

When you look at the tulip skirt, it becomes immediately clear why this name is used. This product has a pronounced form, which is similar to the flower of the same name. Above, the skirt is voluminous and free, and to the bottom is narrowed, which makes it look like an inverted bud of a tulip. These skirts are usually sewn up to about knee length. In manner trends, the cut of the tulip skirt has become much more difficult, because designers began to use various drapes, pockets, smells, and also apply a layering in the cut.

Most of all, a tulip skirt is suitable for women with high or medium height. For women below average growth, it is better to choose something else, because this model will make the legs visually shorter, and the figure itself is wider, which is absolutely not desirable. The best skirts of such a cut fit young girls and women, until about forty years, because they create a young, joyful and easy image. Of course, for women of slender physique fit any tail, but curvy babes can afford a skirt of a tulip, as it will help to hide extra pounds by a loose, magnificent top cover.

The skirt-tulip, thanks to its average length, will fit, practically, in any style. If we talk about such a skirt for a business suit, then it's best to choose dark or pastel colors. The perfect combination is a skirt with tops, shirts, jackets, T-shirts. It looks very good combination of such a skirt and a short jacket or corset.

But nevertheless, the tulip skirt is most suitable for a spring or summer season. It is perfectly combined with manner boots, with sandals on a thin hairpin or a wedge, as well as with eternal slippers-boats.

Some wear a skirt with ballet shoes or other footwear at low speed, but with such experiments it is worth considering that this will visually shorten the length of the legs. You also need to remember that the lower the heel of your shoe, the shorter the tulip skirt and vice versa. Pantyhose in tone will help to give your image perfection. Of course, the skirt-tulip should be chosen for women whose ankles have a beautiful shape, so this style leaves them completely open.

Skirts of such an interesting cut came to us from the sixties and firmly entered the wardrobe of almost every mannerista, they are short and long, narrower or wider, business, with an overstated waist, with a smell or patch pockets. I would like to hope that every girl, woman, can choose from this variety of cuts and colors exactly what is most suitable for her personally, individually. And this always plays into the hands of the style and real beauty of the image.

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