Models and shapes of skirts

A wide choice of skirt styles allows you to find an option for any woman. Successfully selected skirt will allow not only to emphasize the dignity of the female figure, but also to become an excellent element, bringing into the image lightness, tenderness, femininity, and sometimes sexuality and seductiveness.

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is at the height of manner and popularity. This model of the skirt tightly frames the hips, tapering to the bottom. Possessing a sculptural silhouette, the skirt will ideally sit down and emphasize the dignity of slender legs and ideal hips. The shape of the skirt provides a tight fit of the figure, emphasizing all its shortcomings, so the model is contraindicated to the owners of voluminous or, conversely, narrow thighs.

With what to wear a pencil skirt

Tulip skirt

Its name is a tulip skirt due to a certain similarity with the flower of the same name. As a rule, these models have a length up to the middle of the roe, but there are also shortened variants. The presence of folds make it voluminous in the hip area, therefore, the style will ideally look at the owner of narrow hips. Tapering to the bottom, the skirt visually shortens the legs, so it will only fit tall girls.

With what to wear a skirt-tulip

Skirt styles: maxi

Maxi skirt climbing to the top of manner, and then again disappearing, has become a universal favorite. It can be either narrowed to the bottom, or flared and straight. The incision may be located behind, in front or on the side. A similar skirt visually lengthens and slits. But the figure of undersized girls even more land. Therefore, you need either heels or a different style.

Who is the maxi skirt?


Invented by the English designer Mary Kuant, the mini-skirt has different styles, but always assumes a length substantially above the knee. The skirt is suitable only for girls with perfectly slender legs, otherwise it will expose all possible conceivable and unimaginable flaws to the outside.

With what to wear a mini-skirt

Skirt with shuttlecock

The model of a skirt with flounces will give the image a kind of coquetry, lightheadedness and fussiness. Thanks to uncomplicated waves and ruffles, the skirt gives the hips a volume. The model is ideal for owners of narrow thighs, successfully concealing this nuance of the figure.

Skirts with flounces

The styles of skirts with odor are of different lengths. Such skirts are suitable for all types of figures.


The skirt, narrow in the hips, has a flared shape towards the end. The traditional length of this model is below the knee, but there are maxi length variants up to the floor. The peculiarity of the skirt is the presence of triangular inserts between the wedges. Wedges provide the effect of the visceral harmony of the legs and thighs. The waviness of the skirt makes the image seductive and slightly intriguing.

With what to wear a skirt-year

Skirt sun

The skirt-sun got its name due to the fact that when folded, it takes the form of an ideal circle, with a belt in the center. A lot of flowing and soft folds make the skirt light and soft. It is suitable for women with any physique and any age. The skirt-sun will be an excellent complement to the creation of a romantic and gentle image.

With what to wear a skirt-sun

Skirt styles: Pleated

The style of pleated skirts has a different length, but the most common length is below the knee. The skirt is suitable for owners of too thin legs with sharp knees, which it is desirable to hide, emphasizing something else.

Pleated skirt: suitable and with what to wear

When choosing a skirt style to orient yourself, first of all, it is necessary to your own physique, emphasizing the dignity and concealing the shortcomings of the figure, and not the manner trends. Good luck in choosing!

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