With what to wear a long skirt

The skirts of the floor have gained great popularity this season. To look stylish in this outfit, it is important to choose the right parts for the wardrobe.

Designers draw the attention of women of manner to the fact that in an ensemble with a long skirt it is important to correctly combine the top and bottom. It is best to use the principle of opposition for this. So, a sumptuous skirt looks stylish in combination with a tight top, and a straight skirt should be combined with loose blouses. The same principle applies when choosing the color of the outfit: the brighter your skirt, the calmer the top, and vice versa.

Care should be taken when combining a long skirt with a jacket. Such an ensemble has the right to exist, if it emphasizes the style of clothing you have chosen. For example, with the help of a denim jacket and a long skirt, you can create a unique image in the style of a hippie .

Best long skirt is combined with blouses. When choosing them, remember that a long skirt is already an appreciable detail of the wardrobe, so the blouse should not attract excessive attention. The more magnificent and colorful your skirt, the easier it should be.

A long skirt is perfectly combined with shoes on a flat sole. These can be light sandals or ballet flats. Also with such a skirt you can safely wear sandals or shoes with heels.

An excellent addition to the ensemble with a long skirt will be various accessories. Designers recommend choosing belts made of leather or fabric, decorated with decorative elements. Also in the manner belt is a sash emphasizing an elegant waistline.

With a long skirt, nice looking small bags. Large bags can make your silhouette cumbersome.

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