Dry brittle hair. Care instructions

overdried hair

There are many reasons why healthy hair can become dry and brittle. Hard water, swimming in the pool with chlorinated water, frequent staining, perm, drying with a hair dryer and thermo-lining, curlers, sun, wind ... How to help over-dried hair?

Care for dry hair

1. Frequent washing of hair flushes the protective film from the hair, which leads to its overdrying. Try to wash your head less often and use special soft shampoos "For dry and damaged hair."

2. Balsam - to help dry hair. Be sure to use balm or therapeutic nutritious whey after every hair wash! With dry hair, the hair structure is damaged, its surface becomes rough, they are easily tangled, broken and poorly combed. Balm smoothes the hair, gluing the scales to the stem. Hair humidifies, static electricity disappears, it ceases to be confused, it is easier to fit into the hairdo.

As a balm you can try mayonnaise. Spread on the head and hold for an hour, and then rinse.

3. Cut off the split ends regularly. Experts believe that once in 2 months you need to shear damaged, overdried hair.

4. Try to refuse thermo-packing. Plyoki, thermobigi, hot hair dryer burn and dry hair. To curl the hair, it is better to use ordinary hair curlers (papillotes), but to get a more magnificent hairdress keep them long - all day or night.

5. In bad weather, protect your hair with a hat or a hat. Direct sunlight spoil our hair, and strong wind and frost - overdry.

6. If you are a frequent visitor to swimming pools, remember that bleach is one of the most destructive factors for hair. So, you want to have a luxurious head of hair - wear a rubber cap.

Vitamins against dry hair

Dry hair needs extra nutrition. The most important vitamins for hair health - A, D, E, which are recommended to buy in liquid form on an oil base and add a few drops to the mask, balm or conditioner.

A rich complex of vitamins for hair is contained in olive, castor, burdock oil. Just rub a tablespoon of oil in the scalp, spread the comb along the entire length and leave under a warm towel for half an hour. Rinse with a mild shampoo. With regular application of oil, the hair structure will be restored, they will become shiny and obedient.

Masks for dry hair

masks for dry hair Correctly matched mask for dry hair - the fastest and most effective way to bring problem hair back to normal. You can buy a ready-made medical mask, which includes nutritional oils of jojoba, almonds, proteins, lanolin. These components perfectly moisturize dry hair, strengthen and restore their structure.

Lovers of domestic natural recipes can be advised to prepare a mask for dry hair from egg yolks with the addition of honey, aloe juice, burdock oil, cream. Whisk yolks in the mixer and mix them with any of the above ingredients in equal parts. Apply on hair for 30 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

A good moisturizing effect has infusions of chamomile, sage, calendula, nettle, burdock. Just rinse hair with herbal decoction after washing and let them dry naturally, do not rinse.

Dandruff with dry hair

Very often dry hair appears dandruff. As a rule, when using moisturizing masks and means, dry dandruff disappears. An excellent folk remedy for dry dandruff will serve as castor or burdock oil, onion juice with honey. Apply the mask 1-2 times a week for half an hour before washing your head.

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