Style, image for the color type "Autumn"

Image and style for color-type Autumn

color-type autumn So, you have defined your color-type and now we turn to the most interesting - we choose your individual style.

The autumn palette is the warmest and most cozy. Women with autumn color often have a bright appearance. They seem always energetic, optimistic.

What color will suit you

Try to put on a black satin shawl. How do you assess yourself? Too gloomy? The face became pale, additional wrinkles appeared on the skin?

If you have dark brown hair and swarthy skin, instead of black it is worth trying on a dark brown or dark green, with a clear warm yellow tint. If your face becomes rosy, there is a shine in your eyes, freckles have harmoniously blended with your style, which means that you belong to the color-type Autumn.

clothes for fall color Colors of autumn color - warm, earthy, deep, saturated, but not bright. The main tone is brick red. Additional nuances are blue-green with low tide, mustard, olive, eggplant. The warm color of Autumn beautifully emphasizes the red-brown color of rust.

Shades of fabrics for women with autumn color:

White - mixed shades, creamy, ivory, shell, champagne, vanilla

Gray - flinty gray, mossy gray, beige gray. There should be a yellow tint.

Beige - brown-beige, camel, golden-beige, color of cinnamon.

Brown - coffee-brown, rusty-brown, brick-red-brown, copper.

Yellow - golden yellow, golden honey.

Orange - orange-red, copper, brown-orange.

Red - tomato, copper-red, rusty-brick red.

Pink - peach, apricot, orange-pink.

Violet - blackberry, plum, violet-blue, eggplant.

Blue - petrol, kerosene, sea-green, moray eels.

Green - marsh, reed, olive, khaki, juicy needles, green peas.

You do not like colors:

  • the black,
  • white,
  • Gray,
  • yellow,
  • blue,
  • cold pink,
  • bright orange,
  • bluish red ...


    Women of autumn color always look bright. Many girls prefer to dress in gray strict suits, dazzling white shirts, or - even worse - completely dressed in black. This is a huge misconception, since black things are a bad choice for a bright autumn, do not make your life "gray" or "gloomy"!

    Some believe that black with gold is an excellent option for swarthy dark-haired girls with autumn color. But they are mistaken. This option is well suited only for winter color. Black color should be replaced with dark brown or dark green, close to black, but with a warm tint. In these shades your style will be harmonious.

    Suitable style of clothing for autumn women is a sporting style and "country." Models choose simple, without superfluous details, soft patterns, folklore elements. You will have a winning look at the multi-layered clothing and juicy non-contrast patterns.

    How to choose an "autumn" wardrobe

    For the base color, golden-beige, dark-green with a yellow tint, red.

    Additional: red-brown, blue oil, warm blue-green ...

    Try to look for interesting harmonious combinations of shades of the autumn palette, for example red with blue oil or warm green protective color.

    Choose jewelry with a golden tinge. Matte yellow gold, copper, wood is suitable for you. The party looks great gold inserts in every detail of your outfit.

    How to choose the right earrings

    Recommended fabrics

    "Autumn" fabrics should radiate the warmth and softness of this color. These include three-dimensional, soft, with villi, textured or simple. Light shine is permissible only in heavy tissues. You can wear the following: heavy silk, satin, lace, coarse calico, linen, velvet, velor, mohair, cashmere, brocade, tartan, boucle, nodal crepe, tweed, canvas, cloth, alpaca, camel wool, jersey, artificial fur.

    The skin is a nubuck, suede from thin to coarse, woven skin.

    Drawings and patterns

    The size of the picture in "autumn" can be any - both small and large. An important role is played by the nature of the drawing. You are suitable for warm, deep, expressive, exotic or rustic, folklore. Drawings with expressive contrasts are acceptable. The smaller the pattern, the brighter the contrast. Beautifully look at the "autumn" women such drawings as an expressive pockmarked cage, strip, peas. Also you will be adorned with tropical flowers, folklore pattern, tiger.

    How to choose the color contrast?

    Light Autumn

    Eyes - light brown, light-brown-green, amber.

    Hair - light bronze, light copper, golden chestnut.

    Leather - light beige with peach blush, ivory.

    The base color of your wardrobe should be light, which must be diluted with bright colors.

    Bright Autumn

    Eyes - kerosene, blue, green-blue.

    Hair - all varieties of copper and bronze reflections.

    Leather - warm peach, beige, swarthy.

    The base color of your wardrobe should be bright colors, combine them with light colors.

    Contrast Autumn

    Eyes - gray, with brown veins, grayish-blue, amber-brown.

    Hair - copper-chestnut, chestnut, bronze.

    Skin - ivory with a peach blush, pinkish-beige.

    The base color of your wardrobe: dark shades dominate your silhouette. Light colors create contrast. Bright accents will bring liveliness and dynamics to your image.

    Natural Autumn

    Eyes - dark kare-green, amber-brown,

    Hair - medium-copper, copper-brown, bronze.

    Leather - peach, yellow-beige.

    The base color of your wardrobe: the dominant color is dark, you should dilute it a little with light colors and add a few saturated details.

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