How to make a pedicure

pedicure at home In order for the legs to always look seductive in the open shoes, it is not necessary to visit the real beauty salon. A neat, mannerable pedicure can be performed independently at home, with minimal time. The pedicure technique is simple enough, and we are ready to share with you some secrets how to make a pedicure at home so that your fingers look perfect, and the skin on the heels is tender and smooth.

How often do pedicures? Experts advise to do a pedicure once in 8-10 days. With regular care of your legs, the skin on your feet will become like that of a baby, and your nails will look neat.

Before a pedicure it is necessary to wash your feet well and remove the old varnish. Take the pedicure kit and disinfect all the instruments.

Now we proceed to the main stage of the procedure.

Unravel the legs

To begin with, the skin of the legs needs to be softened. Prepare a bath for a pedicure with warm water, add in it a soap foam (it can be a shower gel or shampoo). To enhance the effect, it is useful to add a little sea salt to the bath. Put your feet into the water for 5-15 minutes, so that the dead dry skin cells soften. Now we wipe our feet with a towel and go to the next, most responsible stage of the pedicure.

We process nails and cuticles

To make the right pedicure, take a nail scissors or nippers, cut the protruding part of the nail in a straight line. The shape of the nails on the legs should be square to prevent the ingrowth of the nail into the skin. Using a nail file, trim the cut and rough ends of the nail in the direction from the edges to the center.

With a manicure spatula or orange stick, carefully slide the cuticle. To facilitate the performance of the pedicure, you can apply a special preparation on the cuticle, which softens and removes excess skin, then after 5 minutes remove the remnants. Using a spatula, try to clean the nail plate from the adherent particles of the cuticle. Draw a stick under the fingernail to clean the dirt that has accumulated there and dry skin cells.

Now the nail file can clean the fingertips from the coarsened dry skin, and also remove the cracked skin on the calluses.

To make the nail plate look smooth and shiny, it should be polished using a two-sided file for the pedicure. The dark blue side of the nail file gently swipe the nails from all sides, especially in the cuticle area. On perfectly smooth nails, the varnish will last much longer.

Pedicure at home. Skin Care Stop

To make your home pedicure perfect, you need to give proper attention to the feet. Our goal is to remove superfluous coarse skin. Your first assistant in this business is pumice. If the skin is not softened enough, hold your feet in a warm bath for another 10 minutes, then treat with pumice foot and heel. Pillingi and leg scrubs also help to get rid of rough skin particles.

After this procedure, the cleansed skin needs moisturizing and nourishing, so lubricate the heels with a nutritious cream and massage lightly.

A little tip: if you are suffering from excessive sweating of your feet, lubricate your feet with a special deodorant cream.

Cracked heels and natropies

If the skin on the heels is too launched, you have dense traps or cracks on the heels, with the usual procedure of pedicure, the situation can not be fixed. There are proven folk methods that will help in a couple of weeks to make the skin on the heels tender and silky.

To remove hardens and cracks, apply a nourishing mask to the heels, wrap them with cellophane and put on socks. To keep the mask is recommended all night, and next morning to wash off and lubricate the feet with moisturizing cream. After a few procedures, the result will surprise you.

SPA pedicure at home

If you have enough time, you can pamper your feet with a SPA pedicure at home. The procedure includes a pleasant relaxing foot bath with essential oils and a moisturizing nourishing mask.

Prepare a basin with warm water, add your favorite aromatic oil, dip your feet into the water and have fun 10-30 minutes. When the skin on your feet will soften, massage your feet with a scrub. Thus, you will clean the feet of the coarsened skin, they will become tender and smooth.

The next stage of the home SPA pedicure is a moisturizing nourishing foot mask. To do this, you can take your favorite nourishing cream and apply a thick layer on your feet. Then wrap your feet with cellophane and put on socks. This mask should be kept for at least 2 hours, and better - all night. After a few procedures, your heels will become tender, like a baby's.

As a mask, you can use special SPA-sets for pedicure, which includes various care products.

An excellent caring effect is possessed by natural foot masks , which can be prepared at home. With regular use, they will give your legs a perfect look.

The final stage of a pedicure - we put a varnish

The last stage of pedicure at home is the application of lacquer. Here everything depends on your taste. You can simply apply a colorless varnish to shine and strengthen the nails. Refined mannerable women can afford a real masterpiece of bright painting on their nails.

First of all you need to degrease the nail plate from the remnants of the cream and cosmetics. If this is not done, the varnish will not lie well and will not hold.

Now we are ready to apply the varnish - put cotton swabs or special separators between the fingers, so that the varnish is applied carefully and not smeared.

It is recommended to apply a colorless base coat first. Due to this, the nail will be protected from the toxins contained in the colored varnish, in addition, the surface of the nail will become smooth and the varnish will fix much stronger. Your beautiful pedicure will keep a fresh look for a long time.

Wait until the colorless substrate dries completely, then you can start applying a colored layer of varnish. To always look mannerable and stylish, choose the actual color of the pedicure for each season. mannerable colors of varnish for a pedicure in the winter period usually more quiet - white, beige, transparent. The summer pedicure can be made in more daring, original shades that will harmonize with the color of your clothes or suit you in color .

It is advisable to apply at least two layers of colored varnish in order to obtain a saturated, stable color.

In the end of professional pedicure it is desirable to apply a layer of varnish-fixer. It will help to hold the varnish on your nails for a long time.

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