Pedicure for the New Year - 2020

Beautiful, well-groomed legs are a must for the image of a modern lady. Therefore, the New Year pedicure 2020 is no less important than the manicure. When choosing the design of a festive pedicure, it is necessary to take into account the symbols and colors of the coming year. Also, we should not forget that the design of the nails on the legs should be in harmony with your manicure.

New Year's pedicure in red style

Red color symbolizes luxury, passion and wealth. Red pedicure is one of the most popular at the New Year's celebration for more than a year. On a red background chic looks rhinestones, sequins, sequins.

In addition, it is very interesting to look white patterns. First, apply the base red lacquer, and then use the stencil to print the drawings.

New Year's pedicure with the symbols of the year - 2020

To please the owner of the coming year, an excellent solution is to use pedicure drawings and accessories related to the dog. The easiest way to draw a dog's tracks or a bone.

If you are a pro in nail art, you can just buy the appropriate nail stickers. The color of varnish is better to choose from a bright palette, with glitter and color overflows.

New Year's pedicure with rhinestones

A pedicure with rhinestones is perfect for a New Year's Eve. He will turn your legs into a real jewelry. To look expensive and stylish, you should observe some rules for using rhinestones. Do not glue many stones at once, so as not to look tasteless.

The main emphasis should be on the thumb, and the rest should be in harmony with it in color. The stones can be chosen in different colors and sizes, but be careful that the pedicure looks neat.

mannerable franzuz pedicure for the new year - 2020

Франузский a pedicure is one of the most mannerable directions in design of nails 2017. Color of a background it is possible to choose absolutely any. It can be performed as bright, catchy, using glitter and rhinestones, and gentle, transparent.

At the tip of the nail, you can draw shiny snowflakes, frosty patterns, fir paws, the starry sky.

Lunar pedicure for the new year - 2020

Lunar pedicure is so fond of women of manner, that we can say that it turned into a classic. Its feature is that the nail hole is left uncolored, it is applied to it only with a transparent lacquer base. And the rest of the nail is covered with colored varnish. You can decorate such nails with foil, rhinestones and sequins.

For the New Year's Eve shades of burgundy, emerald, silvery, golden shades will suit. You can also experiment with the shape of the hole. It can be as semicircular, triangular, or in the form of a heart.

New Year's drawings - 2020

Pedicure for the new year will be boring without using themed drawings and stickers. Well, how can you do without traditional Santa Claus, deer, snowman and other New Year's symbols. These cute little animals will add to your image a playful note.

The main picture looks good on the thumb, the rest of the nails can be applied only part of the pattern. However, it should be remembered that if you go to the evening in a strict dress, high-heeled, comic patterns will be out of place.

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