Manicure on the water

Manicure with water - one of the new ways of nail art, which allows you to create on the nails beautiful unique marble patterns from several shades of lacquer.

The technology of water manicure is that first a composition is created on the water surface, then applied to the nail.

Manicure on the water is easy enough to perform at home. To do this, you should prepare the following accessories: deep and wide dishes, for example a bowl or a plate, 2-3 bottles of varnished varnishes for nails, toothpicks, napkins and a means for removing varnish.

How to make a manicure with water

1. Prepare nails for manicure, as usual. Treat the cuticle, grind the surface, shape.

2. Now let's get down to creativity. Fill cooked dishes with warm water 40-50 degrees (but no more so that the varnish does not curl!). We will drop a little varnish in the center. The varnish should be beautifully and evenly spread in the form on the water. Now, gently place a droplet of varnish of a different color in the center of the circle, over the first. Similarly, alternate droplets several times. Take a toothpick and shade the resulting pattern in random order. You can draw a sprim, zigzag, line, etc. Drop each nail one by one into the water pattern. The varnish should instantly be attracted to the nail. Dirty fingers, wipe with a nail polish remover.

3. If you did everything correctly, an original, unique pattern should appear on each nail.

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