Lunar manicure

Lunar manicure is increasingly gaining popularity among manneristas. And it's not surprising, because this is a version of the mannerable French manicure, with which you can create a unique feminine nail design.

The name of the moon manicure occurred not only from the similarity of the pattern to the crescent moon, but also from the name of the lower part of the nail (lunula), which is decorated with contrasting varnish colors.

Create a beautiful moon design nails is not difficult at home.

1. In order for a manicure to look dignified, the first task is to bring the nails in order, to align and polish the surface, to strengthen their structure with nutrients, baths and other means.

2. Prepare the necessary accessories for the French manicure: adhesive strips, thin brushes, lacquer-base, two colored varnishes. The classic lunar manicure is performed with the help of white lacquer, which is painted over the lunula, and any bright colored manicure that is made up with the rest of the nail. However, the lunar design has no boundaries, so the result largely depends on your imagination.

How to make the moon manicure itself.

1. Prepare the nails for manicure, as usual. Grind the surface, clean the cuticle, shape it with a nail file.

2. Now apply the lacquer base. This is a necessary stage, it performs several important functions: nourishes and protects the nails, smooths the surface, prolongs the "life" of the manicure.

3. Now let's get down to creativity and draw the necessary design. There are several ways to apply varnish. You can first cover the nail in the color that will be visible at the base of the nail. Then stick the sticker on the lunula and cover the nail with a varnish of a different color. When the varnish is completely dry, gently remove the sticker.

If you have enough skill and have artistic ability, you can do without a sticker, drawing the lunula with a thin brush.

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