Modeling on nails

The modeling of nails is now increasingly used as a "highlight" in the creation of festive nail design. A variety of figures on the nails create a magnificent three-dimensional design that will decorate your hands at the moment of any celebration.

Modeling on nails is not suitable as an everyday manicure, because firstly, it creates a certain discomfort (nails cling to clothes), and secondly, it looks immodest for a business or work environment.

The voluminous design of nails is often chosen by the bride to decorate the flower stucco with the ring finger, on which the ring will be adorned.

Figures on the nails can be molded as voluminous, and more flat, so as not to experience inconveniences.

Modeling on nails is not only the most beautiful, but also the most laborious process of decorating hands. It is better to do it with a professional master in the salon to feel like a real queen. Two types of material for modeling - acrylic and a special 3D gel are popular.

One of the mannerable varieties of voluminous decoration of nails is aquarium design. The work is done with a gel that is very convenient to use, plastic, holds the mold well and does not creep. First, the master molds the composition with a special high-plastic powder, includes various decorative elements - foil, glitter, glitter, etc. Then the composition is filled with a transparent gel and as a result we see a smooth, smooth nail with a picture "behind the glass".

Molding on the nails can be performed both on the nails and on their own.

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