Chinese nail painting

Chinese painting of nails is increasingly gaining popularity among manneristas. Thanks to its bright colors and unique painting technology, this art form can distinguish you from the crowd, create a mannerable, bright, fresh, harmonious, and most importantly - a natural image.

The main theme of Chinese - drawings are three-dimensional flowers - roses, orchids, gladioluses, peonies, lotus, etc. Lacy floral compositions can be compared with the traditional Russian tradition of painting "Gzhel". The technology of the patterns is quite complicated, therefore it requires the artist to have a long training session. Beginners are encouraged to master the "Chinese letter" on a piece of paper. Much faster to accustom the hand to the eastern drawing will help special courses of nail art.

Drawings are carried out with the help of flat brushes with thick acrylic paints. The brush is dipped simultaneously in 2 or more colors, then smooth movements of the hand are applied to the nails with smooth lines in the form of an arc, a half moon, a semicircle that turn into blossoming petals, one after another. The quality of the drawing depends on the angle of rotation of the brush, the force of pressing, the combination of the blended shades. The colors are chosen close on the scale, successfully combined with each other, so the master must have a good artistic taste. Patterns are obtained by living, voluminous and natural. Subjects in oriental art are close to nature, in addition to flower compositions, bird images, landscapes, still lifes are also popular.

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