Flowers on nails

Drawings of flowers on the nails always look very feminine, gentle and romantic. The flower design of nails is suitable for any occasion - for everyday and festive manicure.

To learn how to paint beautifully flowers, you need to practice a little. The stages of the drawing are as follows.

1. Cover the entire surface of the nail with any colored varnish to your taste, preferably in 2 layers, this will be the basis (canvas) of your future work.

2. Take a thin brush or a special pencil for painting nails. Varnish of a light shade we start to deduce petals. In the middle of the resulting flower, you can put a dot with a yellow or black pencil for painting, or a helium pen. To get a finished pattern, to the flower, draw the antennae, curlicues, peas, draw stamens and green petals.

3. Secure the result with a clear lacquer.

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