Nail design at home

Home nail design

If you are a creative person, and you are full of bright ideas, you will like such a creative and useful lesson as a home design of nails. This is one of the ways to harmlessly change your image and reflect your mood on the external appearance.

Nail design is one of the main tools of female real beauty. Designer nails will serve as an original decoration for your pens, and even for a whole work of art.

Home-made nail design is more than a beautiful manicure in the salon. Fantasizing, you embody on the nails the most daring, secret your dreams, thereby freeing yourself from depression and negative thoughts.

Do not get upset if the hand-made drawing differs from the originally conceived: the contours of the pattern have slipped, smeared, etc. All kinds of nail art require some skill, after several attempts your hands will necessarily look perfect.

Home design of nails. Where to begin?

According to the rules of any kind of manicure, in order to create creative nails, you need to go through the following steps:

1. Prepare the nails. Clean the nail plate from the remains of varnish and other excess particles. Using a pair of nail scissors or tweezers, clean the cuticle. Create the desired shape of the nail file.

2. Now we cover the nail with the base varnish. He will level the surface of the nail, strengthen the nail plate.

3. We apply a base color on the nails, which will serve as a background for our future drawing. For some types of nail art, the application of a background lacquer is not required, for example, if you want to see your natural nail as the basis for drawing.

4. Now include your imagination and apply patterns to the nail with a needle, a fine brush or a special stencil. In a course it is possible to start multi-colored varnishes with a gold, pearl luster. Some girls prefer to draw on their nails with helium handles. You can glue to a fresh lacquer-based glitter, rhinestones, stones, feathers, colored sand, applique, etc. All these things can be pre-selected in special manicure department stores.

5. We fix the result with a colorless varnish-fixer, so that the received product will please you as long as possible.

Home nail design: what can I use?

For your convenience and a more effective result, try to purchase the following items before you decide on a home nail design:

Scissors, nail files, nail scissors, a set of brushes of different diameters, stencils with patterns, needles or toothpicks, tweezers, nail decorations and micro-globes, lacquer base, helium handles, metallic paints, colored varnishes, fixer.

Home nail design: simple lessons of manner manicure

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