Drawings on the nails with a needle

Drawing on the nails with a needle is not at all difficult to do at home. This is one of the simplest technologies of nail art, with which you can create a unique nail design.

To learn how to make patterns with a needle, you need to buy several varicolored varnishes, glitters, helium pens and needles of different diameters and lengths. Now we turn on the fantasy and get down to business.

1. The first stage is to apply a nail lacquer base for the future drawing, preferably in two layers. It can be a transparent, matte, or bright shiny varnish - it all depends on your taste and chosen pattern.

2. Now, without waiting for the drying of the background varnish, we take a needle and apply a drop of varnish of a different color to the nail. The length of the needle can be any, the main thing is to make it comfortable. But the diameter will depend on the structure of the picture - the thinner and more elegant the pattern, the thinner the needle must be.

Designers have developed many schemes of drawings on nails, but all of them are performed with the help of one technology.

Procedure for drawing a picture on a nail

Take the lacquer of one or more flowers, dipped the tip of the needle and apply a neat droplet on a fresh lacquer base. The order of application of droplets depends on the intended pattern: you can apply them diagonally, along the sides or along the perimeter of the nail. It is advisable for beginners to use the ready-made scheme of drawings on nails. Now gently carry the needle from drop to drop, in the right order they are connected to create a beautiful design.

Using this technology, you can draw simple flowers, twigs, petals. The more varnish colors you use, the brighter and more original the result will be.

For example, to get an asterisk, drop a dot from the colored varnish into the center of the nail, then draw straight lines from it with the needle in different directions. If the lines are slightly rounded, a flower is obtained.

The resulting drawings can be traced around the contour with the help of helium handles, the nails will look more expressive. Nails are very beautiful, decorated with microspoons - gold or silver. They will make your drawing shine. Just put a little spangles on the contours of the finished pattern and attach the top with a clear varnish.

A simple pattern of drawing on the nails with a needle

Here is an example of one of the simplest and most original schemes of nail art with the help of a needle. For this you need to prepare several varnishes of different colors, optimally - 5 shades. Apply a nail polish on the nail and immediately, without waiting until it dries, put a lot of small droplets of different colors in any order. Now connect all the droplets in turn with the needle, for example, starting from the top one, lead the path along the diagonal, the vertical of the nail or in a circle. In exactly the same way, repeat the pattern on all the nails. Must get an original, creative design. Allow the nails to dry and top with a colorless varnish.

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