Aquarium design of nails

One of the most popular types of nail art, which is increasingly preferred by modern women of manner, is the aquarium design of nails. It represents colorful voluminous drawings in the form of various colors, animals or landscapes, made of various materials (rhinestones, sequins, dried flowers, foil, colored sand) and covered with a transparent film from the modeling gel. Aquadizine combines rather complex fantasy elements and for them to look faultlessly better at the services of an experienced master in a good cosmetic salon.

The technique of performing aquarium design includes the following actions:

1) preparation of nails for building (dry manicure, degreasing, application of adhesive compound);

2) build up the base layer of acrylic or gel;

3) applying to the finished base layer of a flat or volumetric pattern using paints, acrylic powders, crystals, sequins, colored sand or other materials for decorating nails;

4) coating the pattern with the final layer of the modeling gel, which creates the illusion of transparent glass.

The main advantages of aquarium design are strength and durability, since all real beauty is reliably protected by a dense layer of gel. Also on top of the drawing, if desired, you can apply a varnish of any color, the subsequent removal of which the stylish pattern will remain in its original form.

The drawback of aquadisin is that it is performed exclusively on accrued nails, which can be prone to breakage. But this problem can easily be solved with the help of timely correction of accrued nails .

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