How to hide the shortcomings of a person's hair

With the help of a properly selected coiffure, you can hide the imperfections of the face and become even more attractive. However, even the most mannerable coiffure, chosen without taking into account the individual characteristics of the person, can ruthlessly spoil your image. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

Each of the five main types of person can have some or other deviations from the norm. For example, deviations from the right traits are too long or too small a nose, a short or long thin neck, large or small features, a flat occipital part of the head and a sloping forehead, an old chin line, too large protruding ears. Such deviations can also be corrected using a coiffure.

Wide-eyed eyes - lift the hair and lay them wave with your forehead, so that they fall partially on the forehead, like a bang. With closely planted eyes, lift the hair up, give them a splendor on the temples, and place the side strands along the cheeks.

Correct the shape of the nose

For a person with a long nose , a fluffy coiffure with hair directed towards the face is recommended, and with a long lush bang. The back of the head should be balanced with the creation of a slight splendor. Not recommended hairdos with raised hair on the back of the head, as well as with hair smoothly combed back.

coiffures with a long nose

If you have a small nose , make a haircut with small curls without bangs.

With snub nose, the coiffure should be lush, with outlines corresponding to the bend lines of the nose.

With a wide flat nose, comb the hair from your face, lifting them high with your forehead.

correct the faults of the person Neck

For a person with a short neck, haircuts are preferable, in which the hair on the neck forms an elongated cape, that is, the overall shape of the coiffure should look like an inverted cone with a predominance of horizontal lines.

For a man with a thin long neck, exactly trimmed hair and coiffures are very suitable, in which the main volume is shifted to the lower part of the nape.

For a person with large features, it is recommended that the average, not too large and not too small, hair style. Its elements must have smooth transitions and consist of free straight lines. The details of the coiffure should be placed so that the face remains open.

For a person with small features, hair styles are most appropriate, in which the hair does not cover the lobes of the ears.

With a flat occipital part of the head and a sloping forehead, it is necessary to take into account its front and profile silhouettes when choosing a hairdress. Only in this case can a finished coiffure be achieved. For this form of the head, coiffures are recommended, reminiscent of an inverted cone, the top of which is the chin. When the coiffure in the occipital part is voluminous, and the front hair is combed on the forehead, the face looks harmonious.

How to hide the heavy chin of a hairdo. For a person with an old or heavy chin, coiffures are recommended, the hair lines of which are directed upwards. Excessive severity of the details of the coiffure can contrast with the line of the chin.

For a person with large protruding ears, any coiffure covering the ears is suitable. It looks very good coiffure, the overall shape of which looks like an inverted cone, while the ears are half-closed. And, making a hairy lush on the sides, it is necessary to raise the hair and in the parietal part, so that the head does not seem flat.

Not everyone has an ideal face and head shape, but with the help of hair, you can correct them.

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