How to remove wrinkles

How to remove wrinkles

Dermatologists claim that the reasons for the biological aging of the skin appear only in 60 years. That is, in theory, until retirement, we should be like ripe cherries. And ten years after. But it still does not work out - tell me why?

Why, long before the well-deserved rest, the contours of the face begin to change: the chin, the corners of the lips, the eyelids ...

If you believe scientists, everything should remain as before, stay for a long time, without newfangled injections and without braces. With whatever pleasure we have saved on expensive and ultra-effective wrinkle creams ...



Adrenaline and cortisol, the so-called stress hormones, are produced by the body specifically to mobilize forces and emotions. It seems to be good. But, helping us to overcome difficult situations, they break the process of dividing skin cells, hinder their normal nutrition and metabolism.

Especially if they are produced continuously.


Solar ultraviolet and heavy metals contained in air and water, provoke the formation of aggressive free radicals in the body, under the influence of which the collagen fibers of the skin harden, losing the natural ability to retain moisture and swell.

Deteriorated blood supply, tissues lack oxygen, and they are more slowly updated. The skin loses its elasticity and gets wrinkles.

Bad habits

Tobacco smoke not only promotes the formation of free radicals, but also activates enzymes that destroy collagen fibers. The result: the so-called cigarette skin.


Now it's obvious that it's not time for us to age. Without our knowledge, nothing can interfere with the natural course of events and make us look worse than we want! If the skin in 60 years can be the same as in 25, then it should be so.

Remember, because in our youth, we were not upset by wrinkles! What if you try to go on that way of life; beginning, as in his youth, to eat normally, exercise, sleep (that was exactly ten at home).

All these attributes of a healthy existence without excesses and bad habits can really save you from the harmful effects of stress, strengthen the immune system and normalize the functioning of the body. We will consider this the main component of the rejuvenation complex. To make it easier to get used, be on time your own nanny:

Accustom yourself to the "regime of the day" and the "ration of the schoolboy". To remove wrinkles, make a list of products that you need not forget to eat during the day: fruits, vegetables, a cup of oatmeal, cottage cheese, two liters of water. Sign up for any sports section. Or run twice a week in the morning.


Today, the desire to remove wrinkles is not a whim, but an element of ordinary self-care. And the sooner we remember about them, the better.

Among cosmetologists, there are endless discussions about new anti-aging ingredients. They say that some of them are useless. But the pleasant external effect of high-quality (!) Anti-aging products is a proven fact.

They actually improve blood circulation and skin nutrition, strengthen its protective barrier, accelerate the recovery processes and prevent wrinkles from appearing.

What Wrestles Wrinkles

"Restoring" anti-wrinkle remedies can contain ...


For example, polyphenols, isolated from grape seed and green tea. They are called to become a shield against disgusting free radicals. In addition, they activate blood circulation, protect elastin and collagen fibers.

AHA (alpha hydroxy acids)

These natural fruit acids do not directly affect wrinkles, but have an exfoliating effect, help to smooth out the skin. ANA activates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture in the tissues.


This is a synthetic copy of complex chemical compounds, which are a structural element of the skin. They are able to prevent dehydration of skin cells.

Vitamins E and C

These are powerful natural antioxidants that protect the skin from the destructive effects of the environment and ultraviolet. Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen and maintain skin tone. Vitamin E activates and revitalizes skin cells, reduces water loss by the body.


Enrich the skin with nutrients. Take at least the extracts of seaweed. This is a whole complex of proteins, vitamins and minerals, stimulating the work of cells and strengthening natural defense mechanisms.

Vitamin A

Activates the renewal of epidermal cells. Promotes active production of collagen and elastin. Reduces the effect of stress hormones on skin cells.

Coenzyme Q10

This substance is found in all cells of the body. It is also noted that its level decreases with age. Coenzyme Q10 helps to restore the skin and delays the appearance of wrinkles.

Naturally, after listing these sophisticated components, you have a lot of questions: what is better, how long should they use, do they take breaks? You can answer them and pick up a remedy for your skin only by yourself, reading the accompanying instructions, trying and if necessary consulting with a cosmetologist.

And, please, do not forget: we, the most expensive particle of nature, and a cream bank for 20 cu. - this is our legal right!

Not forget

Everyone wants to remove wrinkles. To smooth skin, the perfect face oval and no first signs ... But, looking after the face, we often remember about every detail, but forget about the lips. We are generally heartless: we bite, do not pay much attention when they are clearly dehydrated and scaly.

Meanwhile, they also require careful care, losing moisture and elasticity. If the lipstick on your lips began to "spread", then, on the contour of the lips formed small wrinkles and it's time to start using special tools.

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