Most mannerable shoes - 2015

mannerable shoes 2015

What new trends of shoe manner will the next year meet us? In the main trends designers have produced prints, color and texture. And each of these manner trends can both dominate in a particular pair of shoes, and be combined with others.

Finishing and prints

So, the decor. All manner collections simply shine with the luxury of spectacular and bright decorations for shoes. manner designers are ready to conquer graceful proportions and lines, for example, thin heels-hairpins, sharp noses. But the color palette of such elegant shoes, as a rule, does not stand out, remaining restrained-black or muffled-monochrome.

mannerable shoes in 2015 are characterized by the presence of a catchy print - geometric, exotic and necessarily bright. Do not lag behind in the brightness and color of shoes, so that in the trend will be all sensual shades - say, burgundy and purple. Such a rich palette plus sexy design (high heel, neat spout, strap) will immediately turn you into a girl with a mannerable cover.

mannerable heel shape in shoes - 2015

Up-to-date shoes will be shoes, and absolutely different in design. It is best to choose a model with a rounded nose, draped back and an ankle fastener.

Trend of the year - a heel of unusual shape: curved, beveled or created in the form of an interesting geometric figure. By the way, this heel can also be combined with a decorated platform.

Shoes will not go out of manner from the skin of reptiles. Especially it concerns shoes with a high, stable heel, decorated with a textured imitation of scales. An example of such shoes can be seen in the collection of Lanvin.

Many designers give to give a retro style, plenty of experimenting with its proportions and shapes. Among the shoes of 2015, there will be pairs of color of mustard and khaki, as well as shoes with decorative straps, "running" from the fastener to the spout.

mannerable shoes 2015 on a wedge

And, of course, we must not forget about the wedge, which recently makes a strong competition for heels. The shoes on the wedge will be mast hevom next year. True, this sole can surprise with its shape, recalling, for example, a webbing that goes from the heel to the shoe itself.

manner low-heeled shoes

But the shoes at low speed designers did not deprive their attention. To prevent such shoes from appearing invisible, the lack of a heel was compensated for by the undeveloped design and shiny texture.

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