How to choose a swimsuit for a figure

How to choose a swimsuit in the shape?

Every woman wants to look on the beach irresistibly. Beach manner constantly surprises with its variety of models of swimsuits of all kinds of colors and styles. But how to choose from them exactly the swimsuit that will perfectly emphasize the dignity of your body and hide the flaws? Choose a swimsuit by the type of figure!

Successfully matched swimsuit by the type of figure can make you visually slimmer, hide a few extra pounds, add height, highlight the waist, etc. Our next recommendations will help you feel like a queen on the beach.

swimsuits for wide hips Broad hips, heavy bottom . The most common shortcoming of the female figure is the wide hips and protruding tummy. The task of a swimsuit in this case is to focus on the upper part of the figure, and visually narrow the bottom.

What to wear: A suitable swimsuit for wide hips is a closed model with belly-pulling lycra inserts. The top of the swimsuit should be bright color or with a catchy pattern, decorative bows, ruches in the decollete area, widely spaced straps are welcomed. The bottom of the swimsuit for wide hips - on the contrary, should be smooth, dark, monophonic, and in style - classical. Models with diagonal or vertical stripes visually add to you slimness. Hide a small protruding tummy will help swimsuit with a skirt (it is not recommended to wear such a swimsuit with wide hips or very narrow shoulders). To mask wide hips or wide waist, tie the pareo at the waist angle (but in no case horizontally).

What you need to avoid: With wide hips, avoid light shiny fabrics at the bottom of the swimsuit, horizontal patterns. Do not underline the waist with belts or straps - this will increase the difference between the waist and hips and make them even wider. Avoid also high cuts in the field of hips and models of swimsuits with shorts.

Swimsuits for big breasts Big breasts . Big breasts are more of a dignity than a flaw, but if the size of your breasts obviously violates the proportions of your figure, pay attention to the following tips.

Visually, swimwear with a dark top will help reduce the breasts. The lower part should be bright with a bright pattern. Cups of a swimsuit for a large breast must necessarily be on bones, wide straps should reliably support the chest. If you are short, give preference to a swimsuit with a smell. Thanks to the diagonal line on the chest, attention is diverted to the lower part. A little stretch the waist and narrow the thigh will help vertical strips. Pareo will be advantageous to look low on the hips.

What you should avoid: do not wear swimsuits made of thin fabrics, with narrow straps, with shapeless cups. Avoid glistening light fabrics in the decollete area.

Swimsuits for small breasts A small chest . When choosing a swimsuit for a small chest, try to adhere to the following principles.

What you need to wear. Swimsuit for a small chest should be with cups on bones or with foam inserts. It will look good bra without strapless (bando), with horizontal patterns or with decorative inserts of metal. Breast viscera with ruches and wrinkles will visually enlarge their breasts. The color of the swimsuit should be bright and light in the chest, below the line of the chest it should be darker. Pareos can be tied up with a large knot on the chest.

Avoid: horizontal drawings in the chest area, black top, swimsuits with shapeless cups. Such models will make your breasts even smaller.

Wide shoulders . To visually narrow the broad shoulders, choose swimsuits with a deep V-shaped or rounded neckline. Profitably conceals your shortcomings, too, a collar - a yoke, or a swimsuit with straps tied around the neck. Try to tie Pareo on the neck with a clamp.

What to avoid: If you have broad shoulders, do not buy swimsuits with catchy details in the form of "bows" on the shoulders, with small necklines, with widely spaced straps - this will further underscore your lack.

Swimsuits by type Short neck . In order to divert attention from the short neck or double chin, it is recommended to purchase a swimsuit with a deep V-neck or straps. Pareos can be worn on the chest or at the waist, but not in the neck.

What to avoid: Do not buy swimsuits with a small neckline or with a collar that wraps around the neck, avoid horizontal stripes at the top of the swimsuit.

Narrow, sloping shoulders . In order to visually align the proportions of the figure, choose a swimsuit with a small notch in the decollete area and with widely spaced straps. Focus on the upper part of the figure using color: the top of the swimsuit should be bright, with a cross pattern, while the lower part should be dark and preferably monochrome. To expand the shoulders, tie Pareo on the chest on the line of the armpits to the right or left.

What to avoid: With narrow shoulders, you should not wear swimsuits with a deep V-neck, as well as models with a yoke that will underline your lack. Avoid vertical stripes at the top of the swimsuit.

Swimsuits for complete Swimsuits for full . If you are a woman with magnificent shapes, the size of your swimsuit should strictly match your figure. If the swimsuit is tight, it will further emphasize the imperfections of your body.

What is better to wear: a swimsuit for full women is better to buy the merged styles, matte fabric, dark, deep, but muted shades. The cut on the thighs on the panties should be medium - not too high, but not too low. To hide the bulging tummy and mark the waist line, choose a swimsuit adjusting the figure with belly-drawn lycra inserts or lacing in the form of a corset. The fabric of a swimsuit for full women must necessarily be elastic (but without gloss), the cups should have bones. Wide-spread shoulder straps and a deep neckline will slenden. Swimsuit with vertical details (drawings, seams, strips) will help you visually to lose a few pounds.

Beach clothing for full is a translucent light tunic combined with light beach pants. A hat with wide margins will help balance the proportions of your figure.

Avoid: for a complete figure does not fit swimwear-bikini, narrow straps, horizontal drawings, light shiny fabric.

Swimsuit for high growth High growth . Slender figure and high growth is a real pride for the girl. You will look great with a bikini with wide straps, brassieres with straps, and also shorts. Such shorts in retro style perfectly emphasize the figure of a tall thin girl with long legs. Pareos are better worn at the waist or on the hips - this visually divides your silhouette into two parts. You are allowed to wear any mannerable swimsuit styles with trims in the form of a bright border, ruches, swimsuits with a skirt, and also contrasting colors. You are beautiful looking sandals from wide straps.

For a high fat woman wearing a bikini is also not prohibited. Choose a swimsuit with diagonal or vertical stripes.

Small height, short legs . Slender low women can visually make their legs longer with swimsuits with high cutouts along the thighs on the trunks. Small women with lush forms are recommended to wear whole-cut swimsuits with a vertical pattern. You will benefit from looking at a pareo with a vertical pattern. To add yourself to growth, try tying a pareo with a yoke around your neck.

Avoid: you do not use swimsuits with low cuts on the hips, as well as melting-shorts, they will make your feet even shorter. You should not wear bikinis and very narrow swimming trunks, so as not to create horizontal lines on your silhouette.

Short / wide waist . If you are unhappy with the silhouette of your waist, you can recommend solid swimsuits with vertical lines (strips, patterns, seams, etc.). Models of swimsuits with longitudinal inserts from different colors will make your waist slimmer. Another tip is to lift your chest as high as possible above the waist line. This can be done with a swimsuit with a supporting bra on the bones. Tie a pareo with a longitudinal pattern at the level of the armpits - your figure will seem longer.

Avoid: belts and horizontal details at the waist level, also you are not recommended to wear a bikini (this will only emphasize your shortcomings).

Full hands . Full hands can not be hidden with a swimsuit, but you can distract them from attention with accessories and beachwear. To draw attention to the chest, choose a swimsuit with bright patterns or details in the decollete. You can also choose a transparent tunic or a cape with sleeves of medium length. As for the accessories, great bracelets on the wrists work out very well in this case.

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