Honey massage from cellulite

honey massage

Honey massage

Since ancient times, it is known that honey has amazing healing properties. It is used in many folk real beauty recipes to improve the condition of the skin and hair. To treat cellulite honey was used even in ancient Tibet. The method of honey massage in modern beauticians dates back to ancient times.

The effect of honey massage is simply magical! Biologically active substances contained in honey interact with the skin, warm it up, saturate it with microelements, adsorb toxins and remove them from the body. As a result, subcutaneous seals are smoothed, the skin becomes supple and elastic.

Massage from cellulite itself has a warming effect, improves blood circulation, and when using honey, the effect of reflexotherapy is intensified, since the skin then sticks to the palms of your hands, then it breaks away sharply from them.

Honey massage from cellulite quickly improves blood circulation even in the deepest layers of the skin and muscles, enhances the lymph flow. As a result, deep skin cleansing occurs, cellulite cells dissolve and all excess is removed through the pores of the skin. Honey massage is very useful for the health of women in general, as it improves the nutrition of internal organs and tissues, promotes weight loss.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to conduct a course of anti-cellulite massage with honey for a month. Massage should be done every other day, or 2 times a week. Cosmetologists do not advise to conduct honey treatments daily, since honey has a very strong physical effect on the skin, it is a kind of stress for her, so you need to stand some time between the procedures.

What do you need for a massage?

Prepare natural honey - floral, lime or any herbs, without any additives. Candied or very old honey will not work. For massage of the thighs, for example, 2 teaspoons for one procedure will suffice.

If desired, you can add a few drops of aromatic oils to honey. Anti-cellulite effect is lemon, orange , mandarin, grapefruit oil, juniper, eucalyptus, lavender.

For one teaspoon of honey, take no more than 5 drops of oil or a mixture of oils.

Examples of mixtures for honey massage:

Aromatic oil should be added to honey immediately before the massage, otherwise its therapeutic properties evaporate.

When using several oils, you should first mix the oils, and then add honey to them.

The following mixtures of essential oils are very effective for treating cellulite:

1) Lemon + eucalyptus + lavender (2-3 drops per 2 tsp honey)

2) Lemon, orange, lavender, juniper oil (2-3 drops per 2 tsp honey)

3) Lemon + orange (5 drops per 2 tsp honey)

4) Lemon + lavender + mint (2 drops per 2 tsp honey)

How to Make Honey Massage

Apply honey evenly on the palm of your hand. Then massage and patting movements lubricate the problem areas of the skin with honey. As a result, some of the honey will remain on the skin, and a part - on the palms. Massage should be performed first in a small area of ​​the body, then in turn turn to other problem areas.

Start the massage with soft patting movements. Then press firmly the palm of your hand to the body, and then tear off. Gradually, your movements should become sharper and more intense. Stick your palms to your body tightly, and tear off more.

Honey is first absorbed into the skin. Soon on the palms you will notice a white mass, which means that honey begins to leave the pores of the skin along with the liquid and you do everything right. The duration of the procedure is 5-10 minutes in one area of ​​the skin.

Then rinse the honey with warm water with a mild washcloth. After such a massage, your skin needs a moisturizing cream.

The procedure of honey massage is most often painful in the first sessions. Many people notice bruises on his skin after him. This is because your skin is not elastic enough and elastic, small capillaries are easily damaged.

To prevent bruising and pain after a honey massage, it is recommended to prepare the skin in advance. For example, during the week, massage the skin daily with light movements after taking a shower with aromatic oils or nutritious lotions, and take a complex of vitamins to strengthen the skin (A, C, E).

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