Makeup for the color-type "Autumn"

makeup for autumn color-type In order to master the art of make-up, you need to spend a lot of effort, time and money. But in order to learn how to competently combine suitable to your face shades, you only need to know your color pattern and simple rules for combining tones. In this article, we will select shades for make-up of women with the color-type "Autumn" .

Colored bases for make-up

You are suitable: peach shades that give the skin freshness.

Do not use: cold pink bluish tones that will give you an unhealthy appearance.

Tonal and masking means

Use: to conceal the bruises under the eyes the concealer with a yellow tint is perfect; For tanned skin, tonal means of warm beige and bronze shades are suitable.

You do not go: pink and cold colors with a silvery gleam.


For you: suitable for light-skinned women is a transparent, colorless powder for daytime make-up, light beige shades for swarthy and tanned; for evening make-up, golden shining shades will suit.

It should be avoided: dark brown, sharp dark shades that look roughly on your delicate skin.


You will be suitable: for light-skinned - apricot, peach, salmon-pink shades; for tanned skin use brownish-golden, terracotta and light coral rouge.

Do not use: bright pink and cold shades.


You are suitable: for the bright eyes of Autumn shadows of warm saturated shades of emerald green, lilac, eggplant, golden and shiny bronze are perfect; refreshing look peach, lavender, cinnamon, warm beige, copper-brown color.

It should be avoided: pastel shades of cold palette.

Pencils for eyes

You are suitable: brown, dark green, khaki and black-brown; for the original makeup looks violet, refreshing look gold and peach podvodka for the inner century.

Do not use: cold silver, gray-blue colors.


Suitable: brown, black-green, black-purple.

Do not use: blue and blue.

Eyebrow pencil

Use: warm brown shades with reddish.

Do not fit: ash-beige, gray and black tones.


Your colors: all warm range of beige shades, terracotta, champagne color, bronze red, coral, ripe tomato, red-eggplant, orange-red, copper, red-cherry neutral color.

Do not fit: light pink, pink-lilac, silvery, bluish shades, fuchsia.

On a note:

Women of autumn color can afford the brightest, even catchy make-up. The only rule that must be observed is to choose only one bright accent, either the eyes or the lips. For example, catchy shadows with intense black and brown eyeliner are combined with light beige lips. If you use gentle shades of salmon shade, lips can make the color of ripe cherries.

Remember, your color is perfectly in harmony with the orange color. We advise him to use it boldly.

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