Makeup eyes with purple shadows

One of the most popular directions in this season in eye makeup is the use of violet shadows. Thanks to this technique and strict observance of the rules, you can make your eyes more expressive, and the image is brighter and more original.

Who are the purple shadows?

Before you begin to make up your eyes with purple shadows, you need to remember that such shadows will not go to every girl, but only to brown-haired or brunette with blue or brown eyes, as well as blondes with a uniform elephant or olive skin tone. Representatives of the fair sex with a pale bluish complexion, and with a tendency to develop a vascular network on the skin, such makeup is strictly contraindicated. He will only emphasize pallor and create the effect of dark circles under the eyes.

Eye makeup with purple shadows, like any other with rich shades, should assume the clarity and accuracy of the lines, especially in the places of transition from light tones to dark ones.

How to make makeup with purple shadows

An important point is applying a make-up base that will hide all the skin imperfections and even out the tone of the face. To start makeup with purple shadows is necessary with the application of light shades, starting from the line of eyebrows and ending with dark tones near the line of eyelash growth. Darker shades are applied closer to the outer corner of the eye, and light to the inner. Then you need to smoothly shade the boundaries between the different shades and in the end apply mascara to the eyelashes. It can be classic black in either brown or gray.

Violet shadows can be applied in one tone or combined with different shades of shadows, for example, pink, golden and many others. In this case, this makeup will look more successful if you also use eyeliner, a light or dark eyeliner, and other techniques in modern makeup.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of lipstick for violet shadows. Given the richness of violet shades, they often use lipstick pale natural tones. Especially this applies to daytime make-up, where it is appropriate to have clear lip contours, penciled with pencil and pale lipstick with a slight sheen or pearl. In addition, we should not forget about the blush of translucent light pinkish hue. For evening make-up, you can use lipstick, lip gloss and blush more intense dark colors: pink, purple and others. Here, make-up artists can experiment with various options, selecting them for the image of the girl.

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