How to lengthen the eyelashes with mascara. Extension mascara - composition, species

How to lengthen your eyelashes with mascara

Every woman dreams to smash her man with a fascinating look from under the long eyelashes.

What to do to make your eyelashes long and beautiful?

Lengthen eyelashes with the help of mascara is very simple, not for nothing that women are subject to the secrets of makeup. To begin with, it is necessary to choose the right extension mascara.

Choose an extensible mascara

Modern lengthening carcasses are made using polymers, silk fibers or nylon. When applied, these fibers seem to be glued to our cilia, create a film on them and extend them. Carcases for lengthening are more liquid and have a thick brush to spread the ink over all the cilia. Still it is possible to meet two-phase carcasses - on the one hand white substance for lengthening eyelashes, and with another - the black paint for giving of the sated color. The composition of the extension carcass, as in ordinary, includes soot, water, tar, dyes, soap, as well as vitamins and micronutrients such as melanin, keratin, lanolin and castor oil. They are called to strengthen, nourish and moisturize our cilia. Vitamins, mainly A and E, nourish the eyelashes and give them silkiness.

To choose a good mascara, be sure to study it before buying. Naturally, it must maintain the integrity of the package, the country and firm manufacturer, bar code, composition, date and expiration date are indicated. Next, open the mascara, look at the brush. It should be thick enough to stain the lashes from start to finish. Look at the consistency, there should not be any lumps. The paint should also not flow off the brush, it should be evenly distributed throughout the brush, otherwise it means that the bottle is made poorly, and the paint is not delayed by the limiter. Smell the mascara, a good quality mascara will have a neutral, maybe slightly sweetish smell.

How to lengthen the eyelashes with mascara?

Even the most expensive and high-quality lengthening mascara will not be able to help you unless you learn how to use it properly. Eyelashes need to be painted starting from the roots, moving to the tips, making movements from left to right. Be sure to stain the cilia in the corner of the eye and lower eyelashes. After you have applied one layer of carcass, you should wait until this layer dries and apply the next one. For maximum lengthening of eyelashes, bring the brush to the tips and blink several times, this will add the carcasses to the tips. Use a comb for the eyelashes to remove excess carcasses and separate the stuck cilia. Instead of a comb, you can use a washed bristle brush from an old carcass.

Now, having made up eyelashes correctly, you will be irresistible!

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