Eye makeup with shadows

Eye makeup with shadows

Any woman wants to become the owner of an irresistible appearance and the right make-up can help her with this. It is very important to achieve expressiveness of the view, because the eyes are our calling card. But not every woman knows how to properly make eye make-up shadows.

Stylists claim that make-up shadows can be done in 5 minutes. So, we follow the following rules:

1. First, you need to prepare the eyes with a masking tool or a corrective pencil.

2. Now, to give the shadows longevity and strength, the eyelid is applied to the eyelid.

3. Further, along the line of the eye, as close to the eyelashes as possible, we apply eyeliner .

4. Now take the shadows. Most Hollywood make-up artists use three-level shadows, which include a base, a marker and a base. By means of such shadows it is possible to make eyes more voluminous. According to the rules, shadows are applied from the bases of the eyelids to the eyebrows. The strokes must be even and neat. Shadows should be applied in such a way that they reach the middle of the eyebrows. When using several shades, the darkest is first applied to the eyelid itself.

5. At the border of the century and eyebrows have a lighter shade.

6. For lightening the eyes, we use a cosmetic marker or the lightest shade of shadows. Over the inner end of the eye, we put a microscopic stroke - and at the same time, the eyes gleam.

7. Do not forget to emphasize and line the eyebrows, applying them a little light shadows, conducting from the middle to the outer edge. Next, you need to rub the shadows with your finger.

8. The final step is to apply mascara.

Make-up by eye color with shadows

When choosing the color gamut of shadows, pay attention to the following recommendations.

Holders of light eyes do not need to use dark and bright shadows.

Light-skinned will suit dark and light shades of bottle-green shades.

To emphasize the swarthy tanned skin will help brown shadows and shades of yellow ocher, which will suit any color of the eyes.

Makeup according to the shape of the eyes with shadows

If your eyes are close to each other, use light shadows for eyeliner, and apply dark ones to the sub-dark space.

Holders of deep-set eyes need to apply shadows of a darker tone to the outer corner of the eye.

If the shape of your eyes is slanting - put light shadows to the fold of the eyelid, on the area under the eyebrows - dark, and on the outer corner of the upper eyelid - even darker.

With convex eyes, use contrast reception. On the surface of the century, shadows of neutral tones are applied, on the folds of the century - dark.

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All these simple tips on eye makeup will help make your look irresistible.

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