Choose shadows for the color of the eyes

Choose shadows for the color of the eyes

Correctly selected and harmonious makeup will advantageously emphasize the natural real beauty of your eyes. Therefore, to make your eyes captivate and attract attention to yourself, you need to choose the right shade for the color of your eyes.

Shadows for the brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls are perfectly suited pink-lilac, beige-brown, gray. Shadows of light shades not only noticeably underlined dark brown eyes, but also visually increase them. If the eyes are light brown, then you can use silvery, blue and green tones. But shades of pink and orange shades are not recommended.

  • How to make a make-up for the brown eyes

    Shadows in the color of blue eyes

    The most effective option is shadows that match the tone of your eyes. The silvery and sky-blue shades are perfectly accentuated by the blue of the eyes and will give them special expressiveness. These shadows can be diluted with dark tones of gray or blue, applying them to the outer edge of the eye, thereby creating a smooth transition from the outer darker edge to the light inner. Also golden shadows will look beautiful. They will add to your look of tenderness. And finish this successful image of mascara and eyeliner. In addition, copper, olive, terracotta, chocolate brown and bronze shades will suit the blue eyes.

  • How to make make-up for blue eyes

    Shadows in the color of gray eyes

    Gray-eyed girls can enjoy almost all shades of shadows. But, they are recommended to select shadows, given the color of the skin. If the tone of your skin is warm, the sand, bronze and shades of gold color will look good. And to a cool tone, better choose purple, turquoise, green, blue and blue. Beautifully looks smoky makeup in brownish, soft purple and beige pink colors.

  • How to make make-up for gray eyes

    Shadows under the color of green eyes

    Harmoniously looks make-up, matched to the color of the eyes - green, gray, olive shades. To create brightness and contrast, it is recommended to use chocolate, beige-yellow, pearl and silver tones. These colors perfectly match the natural color of the eyes, emphasizing their real beauty. But the shadows of plum and blue-violet shades are best avoided. Finish the makeup liner, as well as mascara green, black or brown.

    Shadows of gray color will suit everyone without exception. The whole color range of this color, from silvery to deep gray, is perfectly combined with green, and with gray, and with blue, and with brown eyes. Gray shades should be supplemented with gray or black piping and ink. The inner eyelid can be brought with a black cosmetic pencil. With this make-up, the natural color of the eyes becomes brighter.

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