Makeup "Smokey Ice"

Makeup "Smokey Ice" helps create a smoky eye effect. It was created for a glamorous party, but not appropriate as an everyday.

The process of making a make-up ice-cream ice consists of the following steps:

1. A light foundation is applied to the eyelids. If there are circles under the eyes, then they can be hidden with a thicker foundation or concealer.

2. The upper eyelid is supplied with a soft black eyeliner without leaving a space between the cilia. The line of the liner thickens toward the outer edge of the eyes, the lower eyelid is fed by a thin line. With a close eye, the eyeliner is not brought to their inner corners.

3. The piping lines are shaded using the applicator.

4. On the upper eyelid before folding, dark matte shadows are applied, from the fold to the eyebrows - beige shadows. The border of shadows is carefully shaded. On the lower eyelid from the middle to the outer edge with the help of a brush are applied black matte shadows.

5. On the inner corners of the eyes, light pearly shadows are applied and their transition to black is carefully shaded.

6. Apply black voluminous mascara for eyelashes with careful staining of each hair, avoiding the gluing of individual cilia

Smoky effect in makeup can be performed not only with a black pencil, but also in a gray, blue, brown, green version, according to your color and eye tone.

Since the emphasis in smoky make-up is on the eyes, it is best to apply a lipstick soft soft tones - coral, caramel or beige.

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