How to choose the right powder. Powder Types

How to choose the right powder. Powder Types

Beautiful makeup is designed to supplement the image of any girl, and sometimes create a unique style of its owner. The basis of quality make-up is powder for the face, depending on its correct choice depends on how the skin will look - shining and healthy, or tired and extinct. It is the powder that emphasizes the dignity of the face and hides its shortcomings, with the help of this cosmetic, you can easily correct the oval and facial features.

How to choose a shade of powder

The initial stage - the stage of choosing the shade of powder is, perhaps, the most important. Ideal is the option, when the color of the powder is completely the same as the color of your skin, but, as a rule, this is quite difficult to achieve. This is due to the fact that even the same under the name of the tone of the powder of the same manufacturer, but, for example, different series, have slightly different colors. Therefore, every time buying a new series of powders and a new manufacturer, you need to do the following procedure:

1. Apply the powder on your wrist and see how the applied layer looks during daylight, as well as under artificial light.

2. In order to more accurately determine the tone of the powder, apply a small amount on the chin and look at it with the same two types of lighting.

Remember : the transition between the tone of the powder and the tone of the skin of the face should not be visible.

Sometimes girls put powder on a foundation or foundation for make-up. In this case, the powder should choose the same tone as the foundation. Often manufacturers label the same series of foundation and powder with the same numbers, making it easier for customers to choose. A permissible difference in the color of the powder and foundation is considered to be a difference in the floor tone.

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We select a powder by skin type

To your skin "liked" the new powder, you need to pay attention to its composition. If you use cosmetics daily, it is very important that the powder does not contain harmful ingredients, it should not clog the pores of the skin. If you are bothered by a greasy shine, choose a special powder for oily skin , it absorbs excess fat, will make the skin matte and smooth. Modern girls are increasingly using mineral powder . This product is slightly more expensive than others, but it has a number of advantages - it is absolutely safe for the skin, it has healing properties, it looks perfect on the skin.

Powder Types

There are several types of powder for the face, consider the main ones.

1. Compact powder. This kind of powder is the most common, it is the compact powder you will find in the cosmetic bag of any girl. This is due to the fact that it is "compact", i.e. small in size and easy to use. This powder allows you to correct makeup at any time, almost "in the field conditions."

2. Loose powder. This powder is easier to apply on the face, since it has a soft texture and therefore applied more evenly than other types of powders. To the disadvantages of loose powder should be attributed cumbersome packaging, as a consequence - this powder is inconvenient to wear in a purse.

3. Cream-powder. This powder is good because it is able to mask the flaws of the facial skin better than other types of powder. Disadvantages of cream powder are that it is difficult to apply it evenly on the face, so before you start using cream powder, you need to practice well.

4. Flickering powder. This powder is best used only for evening and holiday make-up. This powder should not be applied evenly to the whole face.

5. Powder in the balls. This powder is convenient in that, during its application, it is possible to "regulate" its color. If you need a lighter tone, for example, remove the dark balls from the box, and if you want a darker tone, remove the light balls from the box, respectively. The drawbacks of powder in the balls are that it does not remove the greasy sheen.

6. Colorless powder. This powder is suitable only for the lucky possessor of the ideal complexion, because it does not mask, but only adjusts its color, removing the greasy sheen.

7. Antiseptic powder. This kind of powder is designed for emergency cases, when it is necessary to mask the reddened area of ​​the facial skin. After this, a layer of ordinary powder should be applied.

8. Mineral powder. This kind of powder differs from other powders in that it is based on particles of minerals, allowing the skin of the face to breathe. On the other hand, the mineral powder masks well and has a beautiful matting property.

We put the powder on the face correctly

With the help of powder, you can successfully hide the flaws of the face: remove the pale skin color, visually fix the face oval, disguise flaws on the skin. Powder needs to be learned to correctly apply, so that it harmoniously blends into your makeup, and does not stand out in heterogeneous strips.

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