Red lipstick. Make-up with red lipstick

Make-up with red lipstick

Red lips are the basis of a woman's sexuality. If you are in the mood to spend your time well, red lips will be your best choice.

Step 1. Selecting red lipstick

Most of the fairer sex are not able to wear cool red. But you need to try different shades of red and find the one that most suits you. Choose a lipstick in good light. Red-orange or with a golden tinge more suited to olive or tanned skin. Pale skin tones are much better combined with cool shades. If you are not sure, try neutral colors, transparent textures.

Step 2. Lip Preparation

Clean and dry the lips. A little moisturize your lips using a balm, wait until it properly absorbed.

Step 3. Lip pencil

The pencil for lips should be similar to a shade of the reddish, which you picked up. Carefully draw a line, firmly holding a pencil in your hands. If it does not work out very carefully, use a make-up remover to apply it to a cotton swab. In case you want the lips to be the most voluminous, draw a line, stepping back from the edges of the lips.

Step 4. Applying red lipstick

Apply a special lip brush, which will provide you with the most accurate application of lipstick. Do not forget to apply lipstick and from inside your lips, so that the color does not stand out when you smile.

Step 5.

Slightly soak the lipstick with a napkin, clutching it between the lips. A layer of translucent powder likewise can work wonders. On top, you can apply a transparent or reddish shine to the lips, avoiding applying it to the lip edges.

Step 6. Makeup with red lipstick

Always with red lipstick looks perfect skin. How to achieve this result? To achieve the desired result, use foundation. On the eyelashes, apply a little mascara, and on the cheekbones a slight shade of blush. Do not allow clear shadows and bright blush.

Step 7.

Constantly check to see if there are any bard spots on your teeth with a compact mirror. Some additional recommendations:

- After applying the lipstick, cover the mouth around the index finger and do not apply much effort to the lips, while the lipstick that remains on your teeth will be on your finger.

- Always before applying lipstick, brush your teeth to avoid yellowing.

-To get the deepest red, mix 2 different shades.

-At the moment of choosing a lipstick, put it on the pillows of your fingers. This is the best method to check the color and texture.

-Tubes look lighter if you use a shade of lipstick from watermelon to berry.

Singer Alsu said that at the moment of choosing a stage image she pays special attention to the color of her lips. Mysticism colors unequaled complement to its impeccable style. I will list the following shades that are most popular among women: Bright coral, muffled carmine, terracotta chic

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