How to turn a blind eye

How to turn a blind eye

The eyeliner pencil completely transforms the face - the eyes visually increase, they are given the right shape, the look becomes expressive. All the flaws in applying the contour line in pencil, unlike the liquid method of podvodki, it is easy to fix with a cotton swab. The advantage of pencils is that with their help it is easier to draw arrows, their use makes it possible to shade the eyeliner and give makeup new accents. Also pencils from a liquid liner favorably differ by a more rich color choice, they are easier to wash off, after themselves do not leave a divorce.

The color solution is of great importance for correct make-up, therefore, before you draw your eyes with a pencil, you need to decide on the color. A black pencil is considered classic, but its application requires certain rules. A blonde woman with excessive black eyeliner will look vulgar. Black, dark brown, dark gray pencils are suitable for light-skinned brunettes of winter type color, depending on the tone of the makeup and the color of the eyes, they can use different color shades. Swarthy brunettes should choose plum, black, purple, brown pencils. Blondes with fair skin can successfully use blue, silvery, light gray shades of pencils, with swarthy skin of the face - light tone of the eyeliner.

You can choose a shade of the pencil, focusing on the color of the eyes. For green eyes, it is better to choose a pencil that emphasizes the color of the iris or, on the contrary, contrasts with it (pink, lilac, lilac shades, etc.). It is better to peek the blue eyes with a pencil of dark gray, brown colors. For brown eyes, pencils of any tones are suitable, for draining gray, do not use shades that match the color of the iris.

Before eyeliner on the skin of the eyelids put the foundation for make-up, if the pencil is soft, then you should use powder. The line along the upper eyelashes is the most simple and often used kind of eyeliner. Such piping is performed along the whole century or on the outer two thirds. In the absence of experience, the lower eyelid is best not to fail, otherwise there is a risk of reducing visually the size of the eye. You can emphasize the lower eyelid with a pencil of a lighter shade.

Learning to lead the eye with one confident movement is not difficult - for this you need experience. For beginners, however, you can advise you to put the points on the proposed line, then from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer, connect them in short strokes. The line should be kept at the edge of the eyelashes. Thin at the beginning and gradually expanding toward the outer part of the century, at the very end it must again taper. In principle, there are no strict rules for eyeliner, and every woman eventually learns several techniques for performing leaks.

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