Foundation under the shadow of the eye

Basis under shadows: properties, how to apply correctly

Qualitative make-up - a pledge of good mood and success of any representative of the fair sex. But every woman faced with the fact that by the end of the day the make-up of the eyes loses attractiveness and brightness, the shadows spread or crumble. Of course, all this in no way contributes to the success of the representatives of the stronger sex, so a very important step in creating a permanent make-up - using the foundation under the shade. It functions as a protective barrier between the shadows and the skin of the eyelids, so makeup not only holds better, but also has less negative impact. Moreover, such bases have been added to their composition with nutrients that favorably affect the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Why you need a makeup base

The main advantage of a quality base under the shade is that the applied makeup becomes more resistant, does not spread, and, most importantly, at the end of the day no one sees terrible folds densely filled with shadows, which means that you will still look bright and attractive. Another base facilitates the application of various pencils, shadows, bridges, smoothing and smoothing the skin, which also contributes to the perfection of make-up throughout the day.

Another advantage of the base under the shadow is its versatility. It perfectly suits both dry and oily skin. Each of these types of women faces their own aspect of problems: from a dry skin, the shadows simply fall off or their color becomes paler than they actually are, and on the oily skin they lie unevenly with spots. Using the basis of these problems does not exist, since it either creates a matting effect, or smoothes the peeling, which is necessary for the persistence and expressiveness of your makeup.

Today, there are many manufacturers of bases under eye shadow. When choosing, you need to focus not only on the brand's fame, but also choose the basis with a triple action. Their main advantages:

- remove the greasy shine;

- nourish and smooth the skin for a more even application of makeup;

make makeup super-resistant.

How to apply the base (base) under the shadow

To make your makeup natural and harmonious, you need to know the main rules for applying the basics. There are several of them. Most often the base is applied to the tonal basis, but it is possible and instead of it, if the base of the body shades. It is applied with a brush, spreading evenly over the upper and lower eyelids, then shading with fingers. In no case can not apply the foundation too thick layer - then the makeup will look unnatural and sloppy. In this case, it is better to remove the excess sponge. After the application of the base, it is better to wait a couple of minutes, so that it fits better and fits as much as possible with the natural color of the skin, and only then proceed to applying decorative cosmetics.

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