How beautiful to make up eyelashes with mascara?

How to dye eyes with mascara

Many of the women who have short eyelashes use different methods to enlarge and lengthen their eyelashes, for example, build up and glue false eyelashes, but not everyone has the means and many have only ordinary mascara at hand. After all, beautiful, lush, thick eyelashes very well emphasize the eyes, making them more expressive.

Many women and girls are wondering, but how beautiful to make up eyelashes with ink, at home?

You can use your ordinary mascara to make your eyes look attractive, to increase short eyelashes to give them a length and all this with the help of improvised means - a usual carcass.

How to dye your eyelashes correctly?

Let's deal with the following issues in order:

1) Preparation of eyelashes for coloring with ink.

In order to apply mascara on the eyelashes, you must first degrease them with a tonic. To do this, take a cotton swab and wet it with a tonic and gently touch the eyelashes, wait for the eyelashes to dry out, then a little dust them and start dyeing with mascara.

2) How to get rid of lumps.

In order to correctly color the mascara of the eyelashes, the mascara must be applied in the following sequence:

A) First, make up the lower eyelashes, the mascara should be taken in an upright position, and only the edge of the brush should be applied.

B) After the lower eyelashes dry up, we start to paint the upper lashes, keep the brush horizontally, begin to paint over the middle part of the eyelid, then the outer part, and then the inner one.

B) Stain eyelashes should be started from the roots and to the tips, in the end you need to pause a little, so that the eyelashes turn slightly twisted.

D) If you need to make the eyelashes thick, you need to wait until the first layer dries, and then apply again the second layer of carcass.

E) In order to avoid lumps on the eyelashes, you need to buy a special comb for the eyelashes, which will help remove the lumps in the wrong color.

3) How to lengthen eyelashes with mascara.

Let's see how you can lengthen your eyelashes with mascara, if you have them short. Take mascara, and when applying, we will pull the brush from the roots to the tips, while lifting our head slightly.

4) How to properly twirl eyelashes with ink.

If you need twisted eyelashes, you should start a brush for the upper eyelid and you will get twirled eyelashes. Or use special tweezers to tweeze eyelashes, you need to install them at the base of the eyelashes, then press and hold for ten seconds and ready to twist the cilia.

So do not be upset by women who have not beautiful little eyelashes, with the help of a simple mascara, you can make any eyelashes perfect, the main thing is to know how to properly make them up.

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