Concealer: how to choose and correctly apply

Concealer: how to choose and correctly apply

In order to always look good you need to be able to mask, somehow, sometimes appearing skin defects. For these purposes, girls all over the world use color concealers. But here at once there is a question how correctly to choose concealer.

First you need to understand what kinds of concealer are. All of them are divided in color: yellow, pink, purple, orange, blue and white. Each of these concealer has a specific purpose, for example, yellow and pink mask the circles under the eyes, purple remove the yellowness and make the skin tone even, the orange concealer helps to make the skin tone warmer, blue concealer mask redness, and whiter, paradoxically, unhealthy whiteness of the skin.

In order to properly pick up the concealer, you need to remember one simple rule: the entire mechanism of the selection of colors is based on their ability to absorb each other. This effect is called complementarity of colors. That is, blue will help neutralize the yellow concealer, and red and pink shades will help to remove greenish colors. It is necessary to take into account the formula concealer - creamy or liquid. Cream-like concealers require longer and more careful application, but they better mask defects. For light circles, light liquid concealers are suitable, which are also ideal for young skin.

How to apply concealer

Having picked up the necessary concealer, you should correctly apply it, that without certain knowledge it will not be so simple. In order for the concealer to lay on the skin neatly, it is necessary to apply a ring finger to the skin around the eyes with an anonymous finger. If the eyes are a little swollen, the cream should be replaced with a firming and tightening gel for the skin around the eyes. If you use a cosmetic base, then apply it to the area near the eyes.

The concealer is applied with three drops, beginning with the "stone" under the eyebrow, and ending with the corner of the eyes. For this it is necessary to use an oval brush with synthetic bristles, the width of which is about one centimeter. Then it is necessary to shade the concealer downward and outward, completely covering the entire problem area.

To consolidate the result you need to use any powder on a mineral basis. Usually girls neglect the application of powder, although this is a very important stage. If it is not applied, then the ink and eyeliner, which are applied after the concealer, will be smeared by the end of the day, forming dark spots, which you so wanted to get rid of.

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