Eye makeup with gray shadows: tips

Eye makeup with gray shadows: tips

Gray shadows can be rightly called universal, as they are suitable for both day and evening make-up, and they can be applied safely by representatives of any color, regardless of place and event.

Office, everyday makeup with gray shadows can include not only a matte color of gray shadows, but also a combination of a few gray shades. Choose the darkest gray tone in the palette and make it with eyeliner on the contour of the eye, making the line clear. If the line is thick, shade it gently. Even the resemblance of a fig to an ice-cream will look less defiant with gray shadows, as with black, so it can be used for daytime make-up. On the upper eyelid, a calm shade of gray shades of matte structure is applied, and on the center of the upper eyelid, tone a little lighter, and a little shine is allowed.

To go to a party or other events with gray shadows, you can make incredibly beautiful and mysterious ice figs. Many people do not risk making makeup because of fear that black shadows and eyeliner will add to them an inappropriate Gothic image. With gray eyes, this kind of eye makeup will add mystery and grace to you. Choose three shades of opaque gray shadows. The most dark shade makes eyeliner and very carefully weave. The second shade of gray shadows on the saturation is applied to the mobile eyelid. Under the eyebrow line, we apply the lightest shade of the shadows, while do not forget to make smooth color transitions with the help of shading.

Gray shadows are the best solution for those who do not have time to do morning make-up. Take a not too dark tone of the gray shadows, you can with a small amount of sequins, and make them podvodku, a little shade. Your eyes will become much more expressive and make-up will get a finished look. In this case, you can not use ink. Especially it is convenient to do during summer holidays, when a lot of make-up is inappropriate and uncomfortable.

With gray shadows, it is preferable to use black mascara. Do not experiment with multi-colored ink. Lipstick should also not be causing colors and bright colors. It will be best to apply a slightly transparent gloss on the lips. Gray shadows create an accent on the eyes, so make bright lips or apply too much blush is not accepted. With gray shadows, use calm colors of blush with a peach, barely perceptible pink or brown tinge.

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