Eye makeup with green shadows: tips

Eye makeup with green shadows: tips

Eye makeup with green shadows perfectly suits the owners of green, brown and gray eyes, making them even deeper, more expressive and color saturated. Use green shades of different shades for both everyday and evening, festive make-up. With green shadows, unparalleled gypsy icicles are obtained, which will not leave their mistress unattended.

To apply the green shadows it is worth to be taken very carefully, as their rolling will lead to a visual disruption of the makeup and will not look aesthetically pleasing. Before applying them, be sure to use the primer (the base under the shadows). If the primer is not at hand, you can apply a little powder on the eyelid with the help of a sponge. This will prevent shadows from rolling away. If you want to make makeup green shadows as expressively as possible, put the shadows on both the movable upper eyelid and below. With the help of shadows of green shades, the line for the growth of eyelashes of the lower eyelid is carried out. This will make your look deeper, and the color of your eyes is more intense.

One of the most successful combinations in eye makeup with green shadows is black eyeliner. You can use both liquid liner and pencil. It all depends on your personal preferences. You can combine shades of green shades with shades of various colors, tones and shades: blue shadows, brown, yellow with golden shimmer, gray. An excellent combination is obtained due to a combination of different shades of the green shadows themselves, from darkly dark for the leads or application to the mobile eyelid, to the tender and light, which are used to apply under the eyebrow.

When deciding to use green makeup shadows, preferably use black mascara. Remember that makeup for the eyes with the use of green shadows requires the presence of thick eyelashes. Therefore, the more magnificent and thicker you put them on, the more spectacular your eyes will look. Especially worth paying attention to the eyelashes of the outer corner.

Often with a make-up of eyes green shadows use a lipstick of red color. If you decide on such an unusual combination, remember that this lipstick must necessarily be saturated with noble tones - burgundy, Burgundy. Do not use a bright red lipstick. In most cases, the most optimal colors of lipstick used with makeup with green shadows are tender brown, peach shades, light pink, or a colorless lip gloss. Blush is also worth picking up quiet colors - peach, with a brownish tone, gently - pink without strong flicker.

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