Eye makeup with brown shadows: tips

Eye makeup with brown shadows: tips

Many women are of the opinion that brown eye shadow is dull and boring. It is worth noting that this opinion is an error. Knowing techniques and techniques will make it possible to make a successful stroke in makeup using brown shadows. They are perfect for girls, with dark hair, dark green or brown eyes.

Eye makeup with brown shadows is especially popular among women of manner. To make your makeup successful, you need to know certain rules. Before applying the shadows, the eyelids should be covered with a primer: from the eyelashes to the eyebrows. After he absorbed, all the eyelid to cover the base under the shade. Thanks to this, the applied shadows will last longer without slipping. Next, you should circle the area around the eyelashes with brown shadows. This should be done with a tapered rigid brush. In case you need a bright make-up, the shadows are applied until the very fold of the century. After the application of the shade, lightly grow with a soft brush to remove all sharp edges of the shadows. This trick will help create a smoky effect.

After this, use black eyeliner to emphasize the shape of the eyes. Correctly and smoothly drawn line will visually extend the eyelashes. Only the upper lashes should be applied. To achieve a more bright make-up, you need to add a little eyeliner to the lower eyelashes. Sharp edges of shadows or eyeliner are softened with a brush for feathering or a cotton swab.

The last step in applying brown shadows is using a transparent highlighter. As a rule, it is applied to the inner corner of the eyes, located near the nose bridge and on the brow. The hailer must be unnoticed, therefore, it should be well-grown. This will add make-up to your eyes completeness, depth and texture.

As for lipstick, brown - brown, bard or golden shades are ideal for brown makeup. Also, with shades of brown shades, you can combine unobtrusive lip gloss. Today, manufacturers offer customers a whole range of colors.

Picking up the blush under the brown shadow is easy enough. To such shades of shades, peach blushers, more or less saturated, can not be better suited. This season, cream textures of lipsticks, pencils and blush are welcome.

Among the advantages of makeup with shades of brown, you can highlight the most important. Brown color is combined with any shades - with bright and not very.

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