Eye makeup with blue shadows

Eye makeup with blue shadows: tips

Decorative cosmetics, of course, is very important in the life of any modern girl. Now there are many techniques that allow you to quickly and easily create a great appearance. A special role belongs to the makeup of the eyes, to give expressiveness that helps such means as mascara, eyeliner and, of course, shadows.

Advantage of shadows is undeniable, because thanks to them the look takes incredible effect. Shades of blue today are quite a manner trend. This bright and magical shade uniquely will enchant many.

So to whom do the blue shadows come? There is an erroneous opinion that they give the image some vulgarity and excessive pretentiousness. However, in reality, this is not entirely true, because everything depends, first, on the skill of the make-up artist, and secondly, on the type of the model itself. So, the makeup of the eyes with blue shadows goes to girls with fair skin and contrasting hair color, for example, burning brunettes or platinum blondes. Possessors of brown and gray eyes can also experiment with such cosmetics. Blue-eyed girls, such shadows, of course, will not go.

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To make the makeup look more interesting, you can try to mix the blue shadows with other colors, for example, gray or purple. Do not forget about feathering, so that the shadows do not look "pasted". They are applied near the line of growth of the eyelashes, but in no case should they reach the eyebrows so that the make-up does not look grotesque. Eyeliner or eyeliner is recommended to choose gray or indigo, but it makes sense to avoid black, so that the look does not seem to be heavier. Mascara should be preferred to dark, but not blue in tone shades.

In choosing other items of cosmetics should follow the rules of one dominant. If the eyes are very expressive (and blue shadows give just such an effect), then it is advisable to make sure that the face does not turn into a parade of colors. This means that both the blush and the color of the lipstick should be fairly restrained in the color scheme. For example, a neutral, beige lipstick, or a soft brown one, is good. It will also decorate an ordinary transparent lip gloss . The same applies to blush and powder . You can pick up light peach or beige shades, but do not get carried away by powdery tan or too dark blush.

It is worth remembering that such a bright make-up is acceptable for evening outings or photo shoots, and at the same time will not be very appropriate in ordinary everyday life.

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